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SPG Slava Ukraini cover image
August 24, 2022

Happy Ukrainian Independence Day!

Our thoughts and hearts are with our partners and teams in Ukraine. Today, the country marks the 31st anniversary of its independence. This year's celebration is darkened by the full-scale invasion by Russia. And yet…

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A man starts a bespoke dev project on his laptop, sending out a wave of graphs
August 5, 2022

How to Start a Bespoke Dev Project – a Step by Step Guide for SMEs

Unlike startups – which are partial to simpler processes – and larger corporations, where processes are both well established and clearly defined, when it comes to software development, small and medium enterprises, or SMEs, do…

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Cloud infrastructure costs go bad illustration
June 13, 2022

How to Totally Fubar Your Cloud Infrastructure Costs

We tend to entrust our infrastructure in the cloud to the titans of the industry, relying on their tried-and-tested expertise, resources, resilience and capacity. After all, they enable our cloud solutions to take advantage of…

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May 31, 2022

VirtualBox on MacOS Catalina: But it works on my machine!

VirtualBox network is not working? "It Works on My Machine": the mystery behind an inaccessible VirtualBox VM on MacOS Catalina. In one of our recent migration projects, we came across one of those unfortunate incidents…

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Vue vs React. Which Framework Should You Choose in 2020 Illustration
May 17, 2022

Vue vs React: Which Framework Should You Choose?

When designing a software solution, one of the first things CTOs have to bear in mind is the decision of a front-end framework. And though for a while there, it appeared as though React and…

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Cover Image for Legacy Systems: Reviving an old Flash app
April 29, 2022

Legacy Systems: Reviving an Old Flash App

Working with Legacy SystemsHere at Software Planet Group, we often deal with all sorts of software projects. Some are brand new, while others are legacy systems. Recently, we received a request from a customer to…

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Boycott Russia & Belarus Illustration
March 29, 2022

Why Boycotting Russia Is Necessary

We don't sponsor hostile states We joined the boycott of russian and belarusian products and services. If you're looking to replace your existing partners' network with Ukrainian companies, you can look for them at…

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War in Ukraine 24.03_Blog
March 24, 2022

UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 29

Thursday, March 24. The Latest News in Ukraine Today: In solemn news, today marks one month since the full-scale war in Ukraine began and life in the country changed beyond all recognition. The impact of…

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Illustration for news on Russian attack Cover Image
March 24, 2022

SPG Statement on the Current Situation in Ukraine

24/03/2022 Update: This may look like an empty office to you, but it is actually our project team hard at work — remote work. 21/03/2022 Update: Owing to our Ukrainian partners and contractors’ continuous work…

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War in Ukraine 23.03_Blog
March 23, 2022

UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 28

Wednesday, March 23. The Latest News in Ukraine Today:Last night, during an air raid near Chernihiv, the Russian Air Force destroyed a bridge across the Desna river. The bridge connected the city to Kyiv and…

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