Education & e-Learning Software Development

Our software development company stands as a technical partner to eLearning businesses that help educational institutions of all sizes transform a mundane learning process into an immersive, purpose-driven experience. We help them employ the latest technologies and industry-leading practices in their Educational Technology (EdTech) software products.
SPG has been providing successful eLearning software development services for over two decades. We perfectly tailor our expertise and processes to align with the constantly evolving education landscape, accommodating shifts in learning preferences, topics, and locations to meet learners’ diverse needs.

Whether you are running a learning management system (LMS) to deliver online courses or an assessment platform to manage student evaluations, as a technology partner, we can support your development initiatives.

Our experienced developers will collaborate with you to understand your unique requirements and create a software solution tailored to your users’ needs. We also develop bespoke applications (both mobile and web) and help integrate software solutions with existing education systems.

Education and eLearning Software Development

Services We Offer Education and eLearning Businesses

SPG works with clients who provide education software to academic institutions (such as schools, colleges, and universities) and corporations to boost their employees’ expertise. Our web developers create bespoke education software solutions that help improve retention and significantly increase student engagement. We fully digitalise the classroom experience and develop platforms for delivering eLearning courses. If you are looking to outsource online learning software development or need support with building a powerful EdTech platform, SPG will help you harness the latest technologies.

Our portfolio includes:


Learning Management Systems (LMS)


Assessment Solutions


Classroom Management Software


Immersive Learning Experiences (AR/VR)


Student Information Systems (SIS)


Curriculum Management Software


Special Education Software for Individualised Education Plans (IEPs)


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

AI Tutors & Grading Systems


Miscellaneous Web-based Training Solutions

Need a Project in the Education and eLearning Industry?

We collaborate closely with our EdTech partners to understand their unique needs and challenges; we tailor our services to help them create and deliver high-quality educational products that positively impact learners worldwide.

Cloud Technology Support for Your Education Systems

As organisations transition to remote operations, adequate resources to support eLearning solutions have become critical. That’s why many EdTech companies rely on top-tier cloud-based environments. SPG works with industry-leading cloud providers to ensure the scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness of our clients’ solutions. Our professionals leverage practical experience and specialised expertise in cloud technology to offer:

The EdTech Mission

EdTech software aims to improve overall educational quality by harnessing the latest technology to enhance the learning experience. EdTech software solutions can provide various benefits, such as increased accessibility, personalised learning, better student engagement, and more efficient educational resource management. Ultimately, EdTech software development aims to empower educators and learners and facilitate a more effective and inclusive education system.

Education software development enables:

Personalised Learning Experiences

Education and eLearning software can be customised to meet each student’s individual needs, allowing for a more personalised and effective learning experience.

Increased Accessibility

EdTech software makes education more accessible to learners who face geographical or financial barriers, enabling a wider audience to benefit from quality education.

Enhanced Teacher and Student Engagement

EdTech software can help teachers and students participate more actively in learning by facilitating more engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of global education by empowering EdTech companies to achieve their goals. The benefits of EdTech are vast and have the potential to revolutionise the way we learn and teach.

Why SPG?

At SPG, we’re dedicated to empowering the EdTech and eLearning sector through strategic technological partnerships. Our development centres offer expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies tailored to meet the unique needs of education companies. Our full-stack teams are perfectly aligned to address the specific requirements of any eLearning project, ensuring bespoke solutions that enhance learning experiences.

Our mission is rooted in facilitating educational excellence and innovation through the adept application of cutting-edge technology.

Adopting a customer-first philosophy, we delve deep into the educational context of each software development project, understanding our clients’ strategic goals, motivational drivers, and challenges. This approach ensures that our solutions address immediate needs and serve as catalysts for educational advancement and growth within the sector.

Benefits of working with our team

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with our team for your EdTech software development needs:

Education Software Development: Technologies We Use

To help our clients deliver innovative solutions that enhance learning experiences, we rely on a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, such as AI models and agents, machine learning, and blockchain. We constantly explore new technologies and refine our approach to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and give our customers the most advanced and effective software solutions.

Our Education and eLearning Expertise

Our company specialises in creating various types of education and eLearning solutions . We excel in every aspect of the process, from architectural design and development to deployment and ongoing support of the EdTech software.

Mobile Learning Solutions

We create robust mobile applications, helping our customers enhance eLearning accessibility and uncover fresh revenue streams. Our native and cross-platform apps offer:

Learning Experience Platforms

Our company specialises in education software development and has vast experience transforming innovative concepts into fully fledged solutions. Our portfolio includes cutting-edge virtual hubs that allow students to access educational materials and customise their learning paths quickly. Our teams design fully automated cloud or on-premises platforms tailored to the end users’ specific needs. We help our clients enrich these platforms with the following features:

Peer-to-Peer Learning

We help build peer-to-peer solutions that cover all aspects of the ‘learning loop’, enabling students to acquire and practise knowledge application, receive feedback, and reflect on their learning experience.

Case Studies 

SPG are proud of the work we do. From SMEs to large corporations looking for web developers in the UK, we are the trusted partners of hundreds of businesses — both UK-wide and internationally — who put their confidence in our experienced programming specialists. If you are interested in some of our past projects, have a look at our featured case studies!

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