Our Development Process

At Software Planet, we take great pride in our customer-centric development process. This is why from start to finish, a striking sense of partnership is present in all we do.


Planning and Estimating

The first step in our development process is the planning and estimating phase, where multiple things occur. We create user stories, define our acceptance criteria and put together valuable estimates. We also make use of system metaphors.


Time & Materials Contracts 

Next, we draw up a highly flexible Time and Materials (T&M) contract. Under this model, because our customers only pay for our expertise and the work that they wish to complete, they are given the power to direct and scale development in any way they like.


Iterative Development

We work in one to two-week iterations known as Sprints. Each Sprint leads to a potentially shippable product — with fully working functionality — which in turn provides our customers with the freedom to decide whenever they are ready for their first official release. 

Building Software