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In virtually every company department — from human resources to operations to finance — businesses will often have a lot of data as well as processes that are challenging to manage. This is why at Software Planet Group, we develop essential enterprise solutions that aim to support your current IT goals and operational procedures. Whether you are an established corporation or long-standing SME, our enterprise IT solutions leverage the best technologies to address these problems.

ERP Solutions

Types of Enterprise Solutions We Develop



Software Planet Group’s full-stack developers create flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems with the type of deployment that suits you: be it on-premise, cloud or hybrid. These can automate various activities including sales, customer service, contact management processes and marketing. They can also provide document routing and workflow management capabilities and track prospects throughout the sales pipeline — improving communication at all stages of the customer lifecycle.


Data Warehouse

We believe all modern cloud data warehouses should first and foremost be time-saving solutions. They have to somehow handle huge quantities of data, be able to instantly be scaled up or down and perform advanced analytical queries. With that in mind, our company's data specialists aim to efficiently centralise information from every one of your corporate departments — including sales, finance, marketing and others. We employ predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to find trends and patterns in your idle data.


With the help of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, you can consolidate your business operations into a single unified solution. At SPG, we pride ourselves in our ERP development services, as they can prove extremely useful in business automation, planning operations, administration and business process optimisation. By building an ERP web system or desktop solution, we can fully automate your operations to not only improve your profit margins, but enable your business to keep pace with technology.



From intelligent customer relationship management systems to fully automated customer engagement administration, there is no denying that machine learning (ML) algorithms improve every aspect of your company’s processes. Over the years, our developers have worked on hundreds of machine learning and artificial intelligence projects and are more than willing to assist you with their skills.


Migration Projects

Our software developers have decades of experience migrating existing products to brand new platforms in addition to legacy systems to newer technologies. We aim to do so painstakingly and methodically, in an iterative and incremental fashion. This not only enables your company to embrace innovation as quickly as possible, but causes minimal disruption to your users and customers.


CSM Solutions

We know that Customer Success Management (CSM) systems can make anticipating your clients' needs a breeze. This is why at Software Planet Group, we build innovative CSM solutions to help your business improve the onboarding process, turn feedback into valuable insights, increase transparency and control over customer interactions, streamline processes and align your teams.


Content & Knowledge Management

For companies requiring a centralised database solution, our Agile experts build cutting-edge Knowledge Management (KM) systems that enable you to store your data and instantly access it at any time. This not only makes it easier to obtain the information you need, but empowers you to share your data both internally and externally.

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How Is Development for Established Businesses Different?

While standard software solutions are sold directly to individual users, companies face unique situations and challenges that call for equally distinct software products. An end user’s email system, for instance, will differ greatly from a business’ requirements. This is because unlike most people, corporations have to deal with multiple problems including privacy laws, security, scalability, data storage and synchronisation. In fact, these needs will also vary from company to company.

We Build Enterprise Solutions for Every Platform

Relying exclusively on desktop systems is simply a legacy of a bygone era, as employees will more often than not have access to a mobile or tablet — creating an opportunity to cut down expenses. This is why in addition to providing desktop development services, we can also develop the solutions below:


Mobile enterprise solutions


Enterprise cloud solutions


Web portal development

Services We Offer to Corporate Clients

We develop flexible tools to handle current operations with a focus on digital efficiency and workflow automation. This includes solutions for content and knowledge management as well as innovative enterprise web solutions.

Software Development

We know just how important workflow modelling is for your company’s success. This is why when it comes to enterprise software development, we design our bespoke solutions to fit your company’s internal workflow models. Where no software solution was used before or legacy software was previously relied upon, this can greatly cut operational costs. In addition, because security is our number one priority, we may also implement secure web access, as this enables URL filtering as well as malware code detection and other benefits.

Enterprise Web Software Development

In the modern age, the internet is more often than not the very first point of interaction between you and your potential clients. As a result, a well-thought-out web solution may enhance your company’s reputation and increase your business’ customer base. So with this in mind, SPG can also develop enterprise tech solutions for the web.


Our dedicated QA department makes good use of the Agile approach to remain on hand throughout development. This leads to more sophisticated and robust solutions thanks to continuous and regular testing. For enterprise projects, for instance, we can even test automation of suitable cases as and when required.


We also count with DevOps specialists who are able to deliver scalable enterprise infrastructures that guarantee your product’s long-term viability. This provides a number of different advantages including better collaboration, improved business agility, increased customer satisfaction, improved development velocity and more recurrent releases of software.

Technologies We Use

Java & Scala

Enterprise at scale

Ruby on Rails

Robust MVP development

Node & JavaScript

The #1 web technology

C++ & Go

Cross-platform development

.NET & C#

Web and desktop applications


Machine learning and web


As a UK-based web app development company, Software Planet Group are ideally placed to provide web services in the UK, across Europe and differing time zones. Here’s what some of our international clients had to say!

We have heard about SPG, as they were wrapping their engagement with another project within our company, and we decided to augment our team with their talent and expertise.

Alex A

Global Tax Consultancy

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