Hire a Software Developer in the UK or London

If you are looking to hire a software developer in the UK, Software Planet Group are an established company with over 20 years of experience in software engineering. In addition to outsourcing services, we provide individual programmers who can collaborate with in-house IT teams to help companies achieve their goals. Why not hire a software development team from SPG today? Our office is based in Guildfordjust outside London!

Hire a Software Developer in the UK or London

Is It Better to Hire a Freelancer or Outsourcing Company?

Though outsourcing may be a familiar concept to many businesses, it is not always appreciated for its total benefits.

After all, smaller companies regularly outsource accounting, payroll processing, distribution and other processes, but when it comes to software engineering, they typically turn to freelance developers.

So what then are the pros and cons of working with freelancers? Truth be told, beyond convenience, relying on freelancers is far from an ideal arrangement.

When it comes to complex projects especially, it can often lead to accumulating convoluted code as well as runaway technical debt.

By contrast, companies looking to hire a software developer will find that a dedicated team of offshore providers ensures cohesion and continuity at all times, whilst maintaining the high quality of their software projects.

Hire a developer in UK or London

Hire Developers with Industry-Specific Expertise

As a company with over two decades of professional experience, Software Planet Group is the natural choice for SMEs and corporations. We are passionate about launching startups and have partnered with Fortune 500 companies like Nokia and Xerox.
If you can dream it, we can probably build it, as we develop modern and high-performing web applications, desktop apps, mobile apps and every software solution in between. By choosing SPG for all your software development needs, you can benefit from a team of specialists with practical know-how across all industries:

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Developer?

A dedicated team model is an excellent resource solution when you require additional software development professionals for at least a month and prefer hiring them temporarily rather than as permanent employees. This model may also include a dedicated project manager to improve communication between your team and the outsourced developers who typically work from the service provider’s office.

There are several benefits should you choose to hire a dedicated developer. First, it’s an ideal choice when you lack specific in-house software development expertise, ensuring your project receives specialised skills. Additionally, this approach is valuable when you cannot find suitable local developers in time to meet critical deadlines. Moreover, if your business is experiencing growth and demands extra software developers, the dedicated model allows for flexible scaling. Finally, it helps minimise internal operational costs and save money as you can bring in expertise as needed without the commitment of permanent employment.

Hiring a dedicated developer offers a range of valuable benefits. You gain access to certified, experienced engineers ready to tackle your projects, ensuring a secure web development environment. Its flexibility makes it especially appealing by adapting to your needs, resulting in a more cost-effective resource and a quicker hiring process. You’ll benefit from daily reporting and direct control over your remote team, enhancing transparency. The presence of robust online project management tools further streamlines the process. Additionally, direct communication with your dedicated developers fosters a collaborative working environment. Hiring a dedicated developer boosts productivity and efficiency.

Hire a Dedicated Development Team

How to Hire a Web Developer?

To hire Software Planet Group as your web developer, get in touch to discuss our services and expertise to discover how we ensure they align with your project’s needs. Reach out to us through our website or arrange a call or video chat, and we’ll run through your project requirements, objectives and any specific features you desire.

After initial discussions, get an effort estimation and start development. Our collaboration and effective communication ensure we’re a great fit for your project. As your dedicated web developer, SPG will bring your web projects to life.

If you would like to hire a web developer, our customer roadmap is as straightforward as it gets:

Get in touch

Arrange a phone call or video chat

Provide requirements

Get Efforts Estimation

Start development

Need to Hire a Developer Right Away?

Why Hire a Developer at SPG?

Hiring an SPG developer is a strategic choice for several reasons. First, SPG is known for its commitment to timely delivery—our strong track record of meeting project deadlines means you can trust us to address your development needs promptly and efficiently.

Second, SPG’s team boasts extensive experience in software development. Our developers are well-versed in a wide range of technologies and use this knowledge to tackle your specific requirements effectively, ensuring your projects are in capable hands.

Finally, SPG takes a proactive problem-solving approach, which leads to a streamlined and successful development process, making SPG an excellent choice for your development needs.


Timely Delivery

Give flight to your remote development projects! Unlike freelancers, Software Planet Group provides a dedicated team of experienced programmers who are accustomed to restrictive deadlines and will deliver results in a timely fashion.

You can count on Software Planet Group to efficiently execute your development projects within specified timeframes, which is vital for businesses looking to stay competitive and seize market opportunities.

Our dedication to timely delivery ensures that we complete your projects on schedule and minimises potential delays in your development pipeline.


Extensive Experience

SPG’s development teams have vast experience building robust applications; we have delivered numerous projects for our clients over the years. Our extensive experience can make a significant difference to your success.

Benefit from our collective wisdom and problem-solving abilities—the challenges we have encountered and overcome position us to address your specific requirements effectively.

Get in touch with our software specialists to see examples of our previous work! Let us prove our ability to meet your unique project needs and goals


Problem-Solving Approach

No matter how complex your project is, SPG will work to solve your business problems systematically. We have collaborated with companies of all shapes and sizes and know what it takes to help you succeed in your industry.

Our systematic problem-solving approach ensures we analyse and optimise every aspect of your project. From initial assessment to project planning, execution and delivery, SPG provides solutions that enhance your business’s chances of success. By hiring SPG, you get a development team and a partner dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.

Only Highly Qualified Software Engineers

When you choose to work with SPG, you are accessing a talent pool of full-stack developers of the highest calibre. These professionals possess strong technical skills and a deep understanding of the latest industry trends and best practices.
SPG’s software engineers can pinpoint the best technologies for your software project. They can carefully assess your project’s requirements and objectives and recommend the most suitable, cutting-edge technologies to ensure the successful development and deployment of your software.

SPG’s engineering team’s expertise and capabilities bolster their commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions, making them a reliable partner for your development needs.

Knowledge and Experience

Are you looking for developers with vast knowledge and experience? We foster a culture of continuous learning to stay on top of the latest technologies and industry trends and offer invaluable insights and niche expertise. Our commitment to ongoing education is instrumental in delivering innovative and tailored solutions to your software development needs.


SPG’s backend developers excel in building the core components of your software applications with precision and efficiency. They are well-versed in server-side technologies and databases, ensuring the seamless functioning of your applications. With a focus on scalability and performance optimisation, SPG’s backend development expertise is a cornerstone of its commitment to delivering robust, high-performing software solutions.


SPG’s frontend developers excel in creating user-friendly, visually appealing interfaces. They are accomplished in numerous programming languages, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, enabling them to craft seamless and responsive user experiences. Whether you require web or mobile application interfaces, SPG’s frontend proficiency ensures your projects are functional and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.


Unlike other web development companies in the UK, we work with complex web-based solutions and regularly develop our own Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), showcasing our innovation and expertise in enhancing software functionality. Additionally, we can assist businesses looking to augment their digital infrastructure by modernising and upgrading outdated APIs, ensuring their technology remains up-to-date and efficient.




Data Layer

SPG’s developers for hire are skilled in selecting and utilising various databases based on the data type to ensure optimal performance. With expertise in real-time big data processing, we excel in designing and developing web applications using Microsoft SQL Server and MongoDB, demonstrating our ability to tailor database solutions to your project’s specific requirements and demands.




Software Development Specialists

Whether you are looking to hire a PHP developer, hire a Python developer, or simply considering various options for your product, you should know that every stage of your project will call for a different set of responsibilities and skills. At Software Planet Group, you can reduce expenses via outsourcing thanks to our tried-and-trusted development process, whilst enjoying our unique ability to match your projects to the specialists you need.
Here are some roles to bear in mind when building software teams:


Full-stack developer

Many projects demand a broader spectrum of skills. Our remote full-stack developers can painstakingly craft complete solutions, covering everything from backend development to UI design and the deepest data management layers. Additionally, you can hire senior software developers for demanding or complex projects.


Frontend developer

These developers have extensive experience with the industry’s most current and popular frameworks, from web-based interfaces to PWAs. They excel at cross-browser compatibility and ensuring the availability of native features and performance to help you pinpoint the ideal tech stack for your objectives.


Backend developer

You should hire a backend developer if your project requires APIs or more sophisticated middleware services. Our extensive SPG portfolio showcases our proficiency in architectural design, enterprise service bus implementations and technical tasks related to automated data consistency checks for your software’s success.


Mobile developer

We provide mobile developers for hire who have native (iOS and Android) and cross-platform mobile expertise that span frameworks such as Xamarin, Sencha, Cordova, React Native, Angular and IBM MobileFirst. Hire a React developer today, or simply let us know which expertise you require!


DevOps specialist

For projects that demand performance optimisation and environment setup, which encompasses aspects such as integration servers and a CI/CD pipeline, our developers for hire include infrastructure and DevOps specialists who can support your company and guide you through the entire project lifecycle.


UI/UX designer

When looking to hire a web developer, you may also require UI/UX designers. They are indispensable when handling low-fidelity mockups, visualising workflows for future applications and creating high-fidelity prototypes that adhere to your brand book guidelines. UI/UX designers enhance your project’s overall quality.


Project manager

Our project managers serve as the vital bridge between your company and the project’s execution. Their careful planning, meticulous control and open communication contribute to the successful and efficient realisation of your projects, making them a pivotal asset in achieving your business objectives.


Business analyst

Our business analysts are the catalysts for aligning your business goals with the technical aspects of software development. They may be responsible for initial scoping and requirements or translating your business requirements into technical tasks for software developers, ensuring your project remains focused.

Our Development Process

Our customer-centric development process is the cornerstone of our approach, fostering a true sense of partnership throughout the project lifecycle. We adhere to industry best practices and draw from the principles of Agile and Scrum methodologies. However, the specific implementation may depend on various factors, including your company’s chosen engagement model, ensuring we tailor our process to your unique requirements and preferences. Your satisfaction and the successful realisation of your project are our ultimate objectives. We prioritise collaboration and transparency to ensure your project’s success.

Transparency and Flexibility

SPG gives your organisation complete control over every product development aspect. You can examine and track your product’s progress, technical underpinnings and performance metrics with access to the current code, blockers and impediments, designs and product definitions, delivery date and feature set changes and other major KPIs. Our commitment to transparency and flexibility underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and successful project outcomes. These principles create a collaborative and adaptive environment where your organisation can actively participate in and track your product’s development.

What Our Clients say

When it comes to serving customers, there is never really a silver bullet. Our success is the direct result of working hard to find the right approach for every one of our specific partners.

Hire a Developer or Dedicated Development Team

Whether you want to bring on board individual programmers or need a full development team as quickly as possible, you can hire an engineer from Software Planet Group to help bring your company’s vision to life.

We offer you the flexibility to hire an engineer from Software Planet Group or assemble a dedicated development team based on your needs and project requirements.

When hiring individual programmers, you can quickly bring specialised expertise to address specific aspects of your project. Conversely, if your project demands a comprehensive development effort, you can hire an entire team with diverse skill sets ready to collaborate seamlessly to bring your company’s vision to life.

Our talented engineers are committed to turning your vision into a tangible reality in either scenario. Whether it’s a single developer or a dedicated team, you can rely on our expertise and experience to guide your project to successful completion. We offer a solution that aligns precisely with your needs, ensuring we meet your company’s goals efficiently and effectively.


When should I hire a developer?

Hire a developer when you have a specific task or a smaller project that requires a specialised skill set.

What’s the advantage of hiring a developer?

Hiring a developer is cost-effective for smaller projects, and you can quickly access specialised skills.

Is it quicker to hire a developer or a team?

Hiring a developer is generally quicker as it involves a single person, while assembling a team may take a little longer.

What’s the typical duration for hiring a developer?

Depending on your project's needs, hiring a developer can be short-term or long-term.

How do I decide between a developer and a dedicated development team?

Consider the scale and complexity of your project. For smaller tasks, hire a developer; choose a dedicated team for multifaceted projects.

Why should I go for a dedicated development team?

A dedicated team provides a comprehensive solution for larger projects, offering diverse skills and collaborative support.

Is a dedicated development team more expensive?

Dedicated teams may have higher initial costs but offer more comprehensive resources for complex projects.

Can a dedicated development team scale up or down as needed?

Dedicated teams are flexible and can adjust their size to suit your project’s evolving requirements.

Do I have more control over a developer’s or a dedicated development team’s work?

You have direct control when hiring a developer, and you collaborate with the project manager overseeing the dedicated team’s work.

Are You Ready to Hire Custom Software Developers?

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