Web Development for Marketing Automation

The rapid rise of the internet and proliferation of digital technologies has made a lasting impact on the world as we know it, as consumers are reshaping their shopping habits, and businesses continue to reinvent their engagement strategies. While dealing with these challenges calls for a unique set of skills and extensive technical knowledge, for nearly 20 years now, Software Planet Group have been designing, developing, and maintaining digital marketing and AdTech solutions. We develop marketing automation platforms that are sure to deliver the results you need.

Types of Marketing Automation We Offer

As a supplier to pioneering AdTech companies, SPG develop a variety of advertising technology software systems for both startups and established businesses. Our bespoke AdTech solutions cover the length and breadth of digital marketing innovation and can help you take advantage of automation in marketing. Depending on the sort of marketing stack you choose to work with, we can streamline any company’s routine tasks by making expert use of digital advertising technology.

Automated customer relationship management (CRM)

We build slick and intuitive systems for customer relationship management automation. These enable your clients to quickly benefit from some highly sought-after features including contact management, visual sales pipelines, quote and order management, customer service functionality and reporting. As a result, they can easily gain access to customer data, discover where leads are placed in their company’s sales funnel and send out intelligent, targeted messages that can guide their leads to successful conversions.

Automated social media marketing

Just like your clients, we understand that ad campaign automation products can go a long way on social media sites. This is why our AdTech developers can help you employ machine learning algorithms that enable precise targeting and better content delivery, create chatbots that respond to queries, and build custom tracking and analytics modules to help your customers track their marketing performance. Our experts are also experienced with team & client collaboration tools, browser extensions and customisable dynamic reports.

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Automated email marketing

SPG empower creative teams to make the most of email marketing automation practices. Our experts build automated email marketing systems that can generate highly adaptive content and embrace features including drip campaigns, drag-and-drop editors, email templates, contact management, surveys & polls, subject line A/B testing, extensive reports and integrations with third-party platforms. Once your customer is satisfied with their personalised email campaign, they can set up triggers to send out the messages.


Automated web form & landing page solutions

While engaging web forms encourage visitors to take action, when an ad campaign is lacking landing pages with appropriate tracking tools in place, it is unable to provide insightful data. Thankfully, SPG develop web form automation systems that are able to generate dynamic web forms in seconds. These may benefit from visual rule builders and data point generation, and can be incorporated into your customers’ business workflows. Similarly, we build solutions for landing page automation that take advantage of dynamic text replacement, exit intent technology, and fully customisable layouts.

Increase Your Client’s Conversion Rates With a Bespoke AdTech Solution

Our Experience in AdTech Development

Whether creating a marketing automation platform or a consumer-facing AR or VR experience, we are familiar with GDPR regulations and ensure your company’s bespoke solutions remain at all times entirely compliant.

AdTech & MarTech Solutions

Software Planet Group approach the AdTech and MarTech ecosystems from both a technical and business perspective. We pair decades of experience with reliable tools for marketing automation and offer end-to-end bespoke development with flexibility and performance in mind. 


Smart Web Analytics

We build web analytics automation platforms that can integrate with third-party services — including OpenX, Xandr, Criteo, Index Exchange, Web vitals and Google Ad manager. This enables companies to take advantage of invaluable KPIs, fine-tune their engagement strategies and automate lead generation.


Automated A/B Testing

Even the simplest changes can have an impact on conversion rates. This is why we equip our customers with A/B testing tools and other scientific optimisation techniques which enable your clients to compare ad versions and increase engagement, conversions and revenue.


Intelligent Personalisation

Let your marketing product do the heavy lifting for your customers. SPG employ ML-based personalisation to create and tailor content to every segment in your client’s audience. Our AdTech software can also scale their outreach and attract consumers they never knew they could.

Our Capabilities

Working closely with digital marketing businesses, Software Planet Group devise creative strategies to win over clients with state-of-the-art mobile and web technologies. Our AdTech and MarTech software systems are at the leading edge of technological innovation.

Full-Stack Development

We work primarily with full-stack developers who are well acquainted with reliable technologies including Java, Python, .Net, Ruby on Rails and Node.js. Furthermore, on the frontend side, we also work with Angular, React/Redux, Vue/Vuex and other popular frameworks.

Tailored Partnership

SPG can offer your company a unique combination of expert knowledge and close business partnership. This means that beyond our decades of experience in software development, we bring insight and know-how to the table and care deeply about your company’s success and vision.

Embrace Marketing Digital Transformation

Why Choose SPG

Strategic Consulting

Trustworthy advice from knowledgeable experts.

Backend Implementation

Robust architectures and under-the-bonnet precision.

Third-party Software Integrations

Integrations with every major digital marketing service.

MVP Development

Fully-functioning MVPs in as little as 2 weeks.

Quality Assurance

The highest quality with a dedicated QA team.

UI/UX Design

Eye-poppingly intuitive user interfaces.


Supporting Technologies

Software Planet work across the entire tech stack and offer our clients diverse expertise, covering the below listed technologies and more.


Ruby on Rails













Our Approach to Digital Marketing Application Development

Above all, we deliver robust and compliant web applications for digital marketing companies around the globe. Our experienced team of Agile developers can turn any initial application concept into a fully functional and commercially viable product. 


Information Security

Your customer's data is Software Planet Group’s highest priority. In addition to complying with both local and international regulations, we ensure that your client's data is never exposed to any known vulnerabilities. This is done through extensive testing at all stages of the development process.


GDPR Compliance

With the help of our dedicated QA team, our digital marketing applications meet the highest standards of software development to ensure full GDPR compliance. We use a multitude of data protection techniques including encryption, automatic logoff and unique user authentication.

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