Dedicated Software Development Team

If you are looking for dedicated developers in the UK, Software Planet Group are an established outstaffing company with more than 20 years of experience in software engineering. In addition to outsourcing services, we provide individual developers who can work alongside IT teams to give your business an extra boost. Our software specialists are exceptional at knowledge sharing, collaboration and coordination with third-party teams and providers. Why not hire a dedicated software development team from SPG today? By augmenting your in-house capacity with Software Planet Group’s remote specialists, you can greatly increase productivity and keep your projects on the path to success. We provide large Agile teams who are able to work independently or as integral components of your in-house operations.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?

In the dedicated team model, developers work exclusively on the projects they are assigned to. This streamlines their development efforts, providing a host of other benefits as well. For businesses looking to hire a dedicated team of developers, Software Planet Group’s fully equipped Agile teams report directly to your programme or project managers.


What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team?

Say goodbye to recruitment fees

Unlike a more conventional recruitment approach, by employing a dedicated team of developers, you can also save money on traditional expenses including interviews, training, office space and onboarding. Ultimately, you only pay for any work that is completed.

Save time

The main advantage of working with a dedicated development team is speed. Instead of assessing potential candidates yourself, you can simply “plug in” reliable experts who have been handpicked for your particular project. This skips over all the unnecessary steps and allows you to concentrate on developing your product.

Focus on your essential requirements

Above all, dedicated development teams seek to understand your company's requirements and get to the bottom of your corporate problems. They do so by adapting to your company culture, embracing your vision, unique objectives and priorities.

Take charge of business operations

It's not uncommon for companies to be hesitant about working with remote developers, be it for fear of losing control over their projects or forfeiting the outcomes they wish to achieve. This is not a problem with a dedicated software team, as they will work under your direct management.

Need Team Augmentation Services?

Outstaffing Services

Software Planet Group’s IT outstaffing services will empower you to remain in control of every aspect of your project’s development. No fuss, no hidden fees, only access to the talent you need. We understand how tough it can be to put together a winning development team for your project, so we’ve removed the hunt from the equation to let you focus on your product’s development.

Choose SPG’s outstaffing services if you are looking to:

  • Hire freelance developers
  • Find programmers for hire online
  • Find a developer who can join your company
  • Hire software developers with full-stack expertise
  • Hire coders online with real-world experience

Outstaffing Roles We Offer

Software Engineers
Business Analysts
QA Engineers
Project Managers
DevOps Engineers
UI/UX Designers

Is Outstaffing A Viable Option?

Oftentimes, outsourcing your project’s development is not as effective as maintaining in place a core team of specialists and building extended capacity around it. This is because it is often too risky and impractical to simply neglect your in-house know-how.

As a result, many companies and organisations — especially those with niche expertise and processes — would do well to keep control over project management and mission-critical work, whilst delegating development activities on a smaller scale.

Thankfully, because SPG have worked extensively in internationally distributed teams over the years, we can easily help your company build your own development team today.

Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Software Development Team?

Particularly when seeking dedicated software development teams, partnering with an outstaffing company or IT outstaffing agency will enable you to enjoy the following benefits:


Reduced development costs

Quickly gain access to a pool of talented specialists that can handle all your requirements.


Improved quality

Increase the quality of your products and services by hiring experts with a proven track record.


Dedicated support team

Take advantage of outsourced IT support with a talented team of tech professionals who will maintain and support your project even after product release.


Projects developed quicker

Skip training sessions and lengthy recruitment processes, and always find the specialists you need.


Focus on expertise

Choose experts based on their skills and competence without worrying about other distractions.

Dedicated Development Team Services We Offer

Our teams are more often than not cross-functional, and from DevOps to Quality Assurance, involve specialists in multiple capacities:


Full-stack Developers

SPG’s full-stack developers have wide-ranging experience across all industry verticals. This means that they understand your company’s business problems and are always willing to go the extra mile to solve them.


Frontend Developers

From web-based interfaces to PWAs, these programmers are greatly experienced with the trendiest frameworks in the industry today. By dealing with cross-browser specifics and the availability of native features and performance, they can help you identify the tech stack that will enable you to achieve your company’s goals.


Backend Developers

Should you require a service with API or even more sophisticated middleware, our specialists are also happy to help. In our company portfolio, you will find cases of architecture revamping and design, enterprise service bus implementations and challenging tasks related to automated data consistency checks.


DevOps Engineers

Software Planet Group’s DevOps specialists employ leading-edge CI/CD practices to achieve continuous deployment. This enables your customers to benefit from seamless updates and features, putting you in the league of Netflix and other giants.


QA Engineers

Software Planet Group’s QA specialists can ensure that both your code and end product meet the quality standards that the industry demands. At the same time, they certify that your software product will delight users, and is free of technical and security issues.


Project Managers

Our project managers are responsible for project planning, monitoring and reporting. They make sure that we run a tight ship and keep development tasks flowing as required. They also act as an important link between your company and SPG.


UI/UX Designers

Our UI/UX designers create intuitive user interfaces that not only look fantastic, but are simple and enjoyable to use. With a focus on minimalism, user-friendliness and cohesion, they consider the user experience from start to finish.


Business Analyst

We provide experienced business analysts who can examine your product requirements and choose the best solution to fulfil your goals. They will also break down your project and help you estimate both time and cost.

Clients from SMEs to Fortune 500 Companies

When it comes to serving customers, there is never really a silver bullet. Our success is the direct result of working hard to find the right approach for every one of our specific partners.

How Do We work?

Our customer roadmap is as straightforward as it gets:

Get in touch

Arrange a phone call or video chat

Provide requirements

Estimate project

Start development

How To Ensure Effective Remote Work with Dedicated Teams?

The following activities help us reduce physical boundaries, shorten the distance between us and the larger team and make everyone’s collaboration as efficient as humanly possible.


Daily Video Stand-up

We use video calls to bring everyone closer together, as communication becomes significantly clearer when team members see each other as well as the whiteboard.


Status Reports

Software Planet send daily status reports to relevant parties to not only highlight our progress and align priorities, but to uncover important topics which may impact delivery.

Movie-Lane #2

Recorded Demos

Timely feedback can save deadlines and lives. This is why we regularly present our results and record these presentations, so if you need to review a demo, it will be readily available to you.

FAQs About Dedicated Development Teams

How can I hire dedicated developers?

Just send us a message and we’ll be happy to arrange a phone call or video chat. Our team is available from Monday to Friday.

After hiring dedicated developers, who will become my main point of contact? Will I be working directly with the dev team?

You will be in direct contact with your dedicated developers as often as you like while also having access to our company liaison for any additional help that may be needed.

How should work with a dedicated development team be organised?

Every company is unique, and will have its own expectations and management styles. Nevertheless, beyond our daily status reports, recorded demos and stand-ups, we recommend making use of online platforms like Slack and Jira, and having meetings as frequently as you would with your regular in-house developers.

How can I coordinate our work with the remote development team?

Make sure you use online platforms as and when required. Tools like Trello can help with simple to-do lists, while Tahometer is great for time management, Slack is excellent for managing teams and CodeTogether can be used for pair programming.

How expensive is it to hire a dedicated development team?

Every project is an individual case and will be estimated according to complexity. But to give you a more straightforward answer, probably a lot more affordable than you think! Be sure to send us a message and request a quote.

What exactly does the team need to get going, and who will provide them with the equipment to do so?

All they need is your requirements and say-so. SPG will provide the necessary equipment.

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