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Beyond outsourcing services, we offer individual programmers who can work in tandem with in-house IT teams, aiding companies in realising their objectives. Why not engage a software development team from SPG today? Our office is conveniently located in Guildford, just a stone’s throw away from London!

Hire a Development Team in the UK

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team from SPG

As experienced end-to-end service providers, for over twenty years, Software Planet Group have been helping our customers build effective dedicated development teams. With our headquarters in the United Kingdom and development centres in the heart of Europe, no matter your time zone or where you find yourself around the globe, SPG will be ideally placed to offer readily available software professionals.

Extend tech expertise

Traditionally, in-house development teams meant having limited skills at your company’s disposal, yet the dedicated development team model enables access to a broader pool of experts, with a different set of specialists for every project. Specifically at Software Planet Group, in addition to software developers, DevOps specialists and QA engineers, you can also gain access to: 

  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • UI/UX designers

So whichever role your company requires, SPG have got you more than covered.

Scale your business

For SMEs and startups that need to scale fast, a drawn-out hiring process may not always be a credible option. This is especially true when procuring niche expertise, as a single software developer can oftentimes take months to hire! Thankfully, Software Planet Group can help you to leverage offshore development teams of any size, who will be handpicked for your company’s product and ready to join your project within a week.

Assemble development teams that matter

It’s no secret that the dedicated development team model enables long-term collaboration between software providers and their clients. This is a perfect fit for our Agile principles, as we see our clients first and foremost as partners, providing dedicated teams that adopt your business culture. So be prepared to embark on a collaborative journey, as your problems will be seen as our problems and your success will be our ultimate priority.

Build Your Development Team

If you are looking to hire offshore dedicated developers, then you should know that every stage of your project requires a different set of responsibilities and roles. At Software Planet Group, not only will you be able to reduce expenses via outsourcing thanks to our tried–and-trusted development process — but you can count on our unique ability to match your projects to the specialists you need.

Here are some roles to bear in mind when building software teams:


Full-stack developer

Many projects require a greater versatility of expertise. Our full-stack remote developers can build entire solutions painstakingly — from the backend and user interface to the deepest Data Management levels. You can also hire senior software engineers for any particularly challenging or complex project.


Project manager

Not only can these trustworthy professionals handle all project planning and execution control, but they are your principal point of contact and information source on overall progress.


DevOps specialist

For projects requiring performance optimisation and environment setup (integration servers, CI/CD pipeline and more), our dedicated offshore development teams include infrastructure and DevOps specialists that can support your company the whole way through.


Frontend developer

From web-based interfaces to PWAs, these developers have great experience with the trendiest frameworks in the industry today. By taking care of cross-browser specifics and the availability of native features and performance, they can help you identify the tech stack that will enable you to achieve your goals.


Backend developer

Need services with APIs or more sophisticated middleware for your project? Then you could probably use a backend developer. In our company’s portfolio, you will find cases of architectural revamping and design, enterprise service bus implementations and a number of technical tasks pertaining to automated data consistency checks.


UI/UX designer

When looking to hire a dedicated development team, you may also need UI/UX designers. These are indispensable to dealing with lo-fi mockups, visualising workflows for future applications and putting together hi-fi prototypes in accordance with brand book guidelines.


Mobile developer

When it comes to mobile developers, we offer both native (iOS and Android) and cross-platform mobile expertise, spanning frameworks including Xamarin, Sencha, Cordova, ReactNative, Angular, IBM Mobile First and others.


Business analyst

Depending on your company’s expectations and needs, our business analysts may be responsible for initial scoping and requirements, or converting business requirements into technical tasks for software developers.

Are You Ready to Hire Custom Software Developers?

What We Offer

There are two main ways to hire dedicated development teams:


Outsourcing development

In this dedicated team model, we first discuss your business priorities and requirements, and upon being given your approval, take full responsibility for your project’s delivery. All artefacts, expertise and intellectual property rights will be handed over to your organisation after development.

Read more about why you should hire offshore developers via outsourcing.


Team augmentation

If you are looking for software developers for hire, we also provide individual developers who can join forces with your in-house teams or other external suppliers, and become an integral part of your company’s operations. This enables you to take full advantage of a flexible team size. We offer both cross-team interaction and autonomous work (in which deliverables may be integrated with the work of other external suppliers). Discover more about our team augmentation model.

How We Ensure Effective Remote Work When You Hire Remote Developers

The following practices enable us to reduce physical boundaries, shorten the distance between our company and your wider team and make everyone’s collaboration more effective.


Daily video stand-up

We make use of daily video calls to bring all team members closer together. Communication becomes markedly clearer when you can see each other as well as the whiteboard.


Status reports

We send all relevant parties a daily report, showing our most recent progress, aligning priorities and highlighting any important topics which may impact overall delivery.

Movie-Lane #2

Recorded demos

Timely feedback can save both deadlines and lives. That's why we regularly update you with the results of our work. These presentations will also be recorded — in case you miss a demo or would like to share it with your colleagues.

Why Choose an SPG Team

Oftentimes, when you hire a dedicated team from recruitment agencies, offshore development companies or so-called “bodyshops,” they will tend to leave you to your own devices as soon as you approve of any of their candidates. When hiring a programmer from SPG, however, our mission is to add real value to your business. This is why our software development teams work hand in hand with all of our customers. Once your team is assembled and ready to go, this is actually just the start of our journey. We offer dedicated support services that will ensure your project’s long-term success.

Other Perks of Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team from SPG


Risk-free trial

We know how hard it can be to choose the right team for your business, which is why we offer a risk-free trial period.


Offshore rates

SPG deliver robust, tailor-made software solutions with a singular partnership approach, at unbeatable offshore value.


Rapid results

We strive to constantly improve our team performance and productivity and are currently operating up to 4x faster than the industry average.


No freelancers

Because we do not employ any freelance software developers, we make use of cohesive teams and can handle all HR management.


Versatile talent

To solve problems more efficiently, SPG employ versatile full-stack developers who take care of every stage of development.


Manageable teams

Whether you choose to hire a project manager or manage our dedicated teams by yourself, you can make this easier than ever with the help of our tracking systems.

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