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Whether your business requires a powerful data-driven dashboard, a scalable cross-platform web application, or a cutting-edge enterprise-level single-page application (SPA), you can trust SPG for your .NET needs. As a leading .NET development company, we offer exceptional UI/UX capabilities and the expertise of our seasoned developers. With nearly 20 years of experience in building top-quality software systems, our experts are well-equipped to deliver high-performance solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Hire a .NET Developer for Your project today!

Employing the .NET framework, we excel in tailoring solutions to your precise business requirements, all while ensuring an exceptional user experience. Whether you’re in need of a bespoke e-commerce platform, a dynamic content management system, a cutting-edge real-time chat application, or a robust RESTful API, our team will surpass your expectations.
.NET is a powerful framework dedicated to server-side development, renowned for its efficiency in real-time, data-intensive environments. Leveraging .NET, our developers deliver swift and scalable software solutions across a diverse range of industries including healthcare, retail, and financial services.
The versatility of .NET technology applies to a wide array of applications, and our developers have the necessary expertise to utilise it to its fullest capacity. If you’re in search of superior server systems, look no further – you’re in capable hands with SPG!

Hire .NET Developers UK

Our Node.js-Related Development Skills

At SPG, our dedicated .NET developers consistently demonstrate their proficiency in server-side development. They excel in creating scalable, efficient web applications and leverage their expertise to craft effective real-time solutions, resilient APIs, and high-performance applications customised to address the unique requirements of each client.

.Net frameworks and libraries

Embracing the robust capabilities of .NET development, from the efficiency of ASP.NET to the versatility of essential libraries, our approach guarantees the creation of high-performance solutions meticulously crafted to fulfil your requirements. One of the many great aspects of .NET is the multitude of web development frameworks it employs, which enhance speed, scalability, and overall performance, ensuring an efficient and effective development process.



Entity Framework Core

.NET Core









Databases/data storages

SPG’s developers use various databases and data storage solutions, from robust relational databases to scalable NoSQL options. Our proficiency with these tools ensures that the best database and storage solutions for your specific project are used, facilitating optimal data management.

SQL Server











Amazon RDS

Azure Cosmos DB

Cloud services

.NET technology is employed extensively in cloud computing infrastructures, including by industry leaders such as Microsoft. Our adept utilisation of .NET’s cloud compatibility spans a spectrum of projects, facilitating seamless integration and scalability. SPG’s mastery in harnessing a myriad of cloud technologies ensures the efficiency and adaptability of the final product.

Amazon AWS




Digital Ocean


Google Cloud

Real-time data processing

.NET technology excels in real-time data processing tasks. Our developers boast extensive experience in managing data in real-time, ensuring swift and efficient operations. If your project requires dynamic information processing, you can rest assured that our solutions will meet your needs.

Rabbit MQ



Amazon Kinesis

Apache Storm

Azure Events Hubs

Mobile development platforms/tools

At SPG, we apply a variety of platforms and tools to the development of mobile applications, enabling us to craft dynamic, feature-rich products. From industry-standard platforms to specialised tools, our expertise ensures the development of world-class mobile solutions tailored to your specific needs.




React Native




Our developers have no shortage of experience with .NET development. The synergy between SPG’s developers and .NET is unparalleled, as illustrated by this framework’s integral role in our company’s success.

10+ years of .NET experience

SPG has over a decade of experience in .NET development, consistently delivering high-end solutions, bespoke to your needs. We also take pride in the seamless integration of our solutions, and in continuously meeting the ever-evolving demands of the digital domain.

SPG’s enduring presence in this field is a reflection of our unrivalled understanding of the intricacies of .NET, which allows our team to guarantee reliability and excellence in every project we deliver.

Strong .NET team

SPG’s dedicated .NET team comprises a tightly-knit group of over 100 professionals including consultants, coordinators, architects, developers, QA engineers, plus specialists and experts in the fields of security, DevOps, AI and blockchain, as well as AWS and Azure experts.

Keeping Cyber Security in Mind

Protecting and maintaining our clients’ products is vital. We know the importance of digital security in the modern world and, because of this, our QA and security practices are in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.

Proficiency with the .NET stack

.NET is a comprehensive framework which encompasses a significant stack of technologies including SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, and .NET Core. Our team has extensive expertise in working with all components of the .NET stack, enabling them to resolve any development problem which may arise, and to create the most directly tailored solutions.

Individual experience in .NET development

Our developers have 5 years of experience in .NET development on average, and many decades between them. By ensuring that each member is accomplished and capable, we can ensure that our team is as strong as it can be.

Quick to start

Time is precious, as our .NET team knows. Thanks to our flexible structure, SPG remains poised to launch into the developmental stages of a project just as soon as you’re ready.

Robust development process

SPG is structured around a centralised Project Management Office to oversee and allocate dedicated teams to the relevant aspects of your project, enabling us to achieve unbeatable levels of efficiency.

Software Planet Group at a Glance

SPG represents a fusion of seasoned expertise and innovation. As .NET development specialists, our commitment to excellence, which we have developed and refined over years, ensures our steadfast presence in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Why Hire .NET Developers at SPG?

The development industry is fiercely competitive, and we know that our prospective clients have a number of options. For this reason, we’re constantly pushing boundaries. Our team of talented developers is just one reason to choose SPG for your project. Here are a couple more


Timely Delivery

Give flight to your remote .NET projects! Unlike when working with freelance .NET developers, Software Planet Group are able to offer a dedicated team of experienced programmers who are accustomed to restrictive deadlines and can deliver results in a timely fashion.


Extensive Experience

Our highly skilled .NET developers have extensive experience building robust applications. We have delivered numerous .NET projects for our clients. Get in touch with our development team today to see examples of our previous work!


Problem-Solving Approach

No matter how complex your project is, our .NET development team will put in the work to meticulously and systematically solve your business problems. We have collaborated with companies of all shapes and sizes and know what it takes to help you succeed in your industry.

.NET Development Services

Though in the past, the .NET framework was only exclusively available for Windows. Not only is its successor both free and open-source, but it also supports all three major platforms: Linux, MacOS and Windows. This has led to a tremendous surge in corporate usage, especially since Oracle, the multinational behind the Java language, have started charging Java users for a licence. As a result, today, .NET Core is an exceptional and valid alternative.


Product Development

We provide bespoke .NET software development services to fit your company’s unique requirements. This is done with a product mindset that is strengthened by rapid MVP development.


Front-End Development

Take advantage of our talented .NET front end developers to develop complex multi-layered architectures, effective SPAs, and real-time data exchange applications.

Migration Projects

Our offshore .NET developers have proven themselves time and time again by migrating complex web apps without data loss or major issues.


Enterprise App Development

We can also provide scalable and secure solutions that enable building enterprise-grade .NET web applications.


UI/UX Development

We know that good design increases customer interest and ultimately user satisfaction. This is why our developers aim to build your .NET application with captivating UI/UX and features.

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Our Typical .Net Projects

SPG has successfully implemented numerous .Net solutions across various domains, developing our ability to deliver creative, purpose-built products. From healthcare to e-commerce, our portfolio reflects the versatility and experience of our team’s accomplishments.

.NET Web App Development
API Development
IoT App Development (integration layer)
Microservices Architecture
Bespoke CMS Development and Integration
Node.js Maintenance & Support
E-commerce Solutions

Featured .Net Projects & Case Studies

At SPG, we take pride in our work, and we like to showcase our achievements. Catering to SMEs and large corporations seeking skilled .Net web developers across the UK and internationally, we stand as a trusted partner of hundreds of businesses.

By demonstrating consistent excellence, our experienced programming specialists have earned the confidence of our existing clients. Consider delving into a few of our featured case studies!

Development Process

We take great pride in our customer-centric application development process. This is why from start to finish, we aim to imbue a sense of partnership into everything we do at our company. Our process is based on industry best practices and incorporates most elements of Scrum and Agile methodologies, though the final set of practices and activities will depend on a number of variables, including your chosen model of engagement. By creating an easy development environment, we strive to be the best possible .NET development company.

Cooperation Models

Should I Hire .NET Developers Individually or as a Team?

As a company specialising in .NET, we offer our clients the freedom to hire .NET developers smoothly and accelerate their business growth. Keep in mind, however, that when hiring .NET developers, it is important to decide whether to outsource or “outstaff” development, as it were.


If, however, your company’s project is already under way and you are primarily concerned with bringing in some additional assistance, then outstaffing could pose a great opportunity for your business, as you can hire .NET software developers who will be able to work full-time on your project. So with this in mind, if you are looking for .NET developers for hire, look no further. Our developers onboard quickly and look for ways to make an immediate and positive impact on all of your .NET projects.

Whether choosing to outsource or hire additional expertise, we can help your .NET projects to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Skilled and experienced developers
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Short-term or long-term partnership
  • Best programming practices
  • European time zones
Team augmentation

Team augmentation is a strategic approach to enhancing your project by integrating external specialists into an existing team.

At SPG, we supplement our dedicated in-house team of .Net developers with dedicated specialists in various fields, aligning their expertise with your project's unique requirements. This collaborative approach relies on effective communication, including with your own in-house teams, to ensure an efficient, cohesive workflow and seamless integration, providing greater levels of flexibility and scalability.

Dedicated .Net team

When entrusted with your project, we assign an exclusive .Net development team, who will then communicate directly with your own employees, collaborating closely with your stakeholders, project managers and team members to ensure smooth cooperation throughout the project. Our laser-focused approach optimises efficiency and produces substantial savings by ensuring that our team members’ attentions are never divided. The team's ability to fully commit to a single project allows them to deliver their very best work and offer progressive solutions to creative challenges.


For companies seeking .NET development services that need a whole project to be completed — as in the vast majority of cases — it is usually more convenient to simply outsource your .NET projects. This enables you to take advantage of SPG’s team of full-stack web developers and is a cost-effective solution with competitive offshore rates. Over the years, our teams have solved complex business problems whilst working on enterprise and startup projects.

Node.js Outsourcing Specialists

Outsourcing .Net projects to SPG provides you with access to a skilled team of full-stack web developers, ensuring the delivery of entire projects from concept to completion. This approach not only allows for cost-effective solutions with competitive offshore rates, but also provides businesses with the flexibility to scale resources according to a project’s needs. Our outsourced teams have consistently demonstrated their ability to solve intricate problems, contributing valuable insights and expertise to a diverse range of projects.

Whether choosing to outsource or hire additional expertise, we can help your .NET projects to take advantage of the following benefits:

Skilled and experienced developers

Excellent communication skills

Flexible engagement models

Short-term or long-term partnership

Best programming practices

European time zones

Hire .NET Developers with Industry-Specific Expertise

As a well-established .NET development company with boundless expertise and nearly 20 years of professional experience, Software Planet Group are the natural choice for SMEs and large companies alike. We are passionate about launching startups and have partnered with fortune 500 companies including Nokia and Xerox.

If you can think it, we can build it, as we develop modern and high-performing web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps and everything in between. By choosing SPG for all of your .NET projects, you can benefit from a .NET development company with real-world experience across all industries.

Hire .Net Developers with Industry-Specific Expertise

As an established .Net developer with nearly 20 years of professional experience, SPG has a deep pool of talent to draw from, which makes us the natural choice for both SMEs and large companies alike.

We’re passionate about working with companies of all sizes. SPG has launched startups, partnered with fortune 500 companies like Nokia and Xerox, and dealt with just about everything in between!

We develop modern, robust, high-performance web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps and more. By choosing us for all of your .Net projects, you can benefit from our real-world, cross-industry experience. Quite simply, if you can imagine it, SPG can build it!

What Our Clients Say

.NET Development FAQs

What kind of applications can you build using .NET?

Thanks to .NET's versatility, we can develop an extensive array of applications, ranging from responsive and event-driven apps to robust back-end services, desktop applications, single-page applications (SPAs), and data-intensive real-time applications (DIRTs). .Net’s efficient handling of concurrent requests renders it an ideal choice for apps which require real-time updates and great scalability.

What are some disadvantages of .NET?

Some disadvantages of .NET include:

  • Limited library support: Compared to some other programming languages and frameworks, .NET has a smaller set of robust libraries available. This limitation can sometimes restrict developers, requiring them to build certain functionalities from scratch.
  • Performance issues with heavy computation: Due to .NET's single-threaded nature, handling CPU-intensive tasks may lead to performance issues. Whilst asynchronous programming can help to mitigate this to some extent, it may still pose challenges for applications that require high computational power.
  • Code maintainability challenges: Asynchronous programming in .NET, while beneficial for scalability and responsiveness, can sometimes result in what's known as ‘callback hell’. This can make the code harder to read, understand, and maintain, particularly in complex applications with many asynchronous operations.
Which companies use .Net for software development?


Stack Overflow



Bank of America



General Electric (GE)




How does .NET differ from other server-side technologies?

.NET is a comprehensive framework developed by Microsoft, offering a versatile environment for server-side development. It provides support for multiple programming languages and tools, facilitating the creation of a diverse range of web applications. Unlike traditional server-side technologies like PHP or Ruby, .NET boasts a scalable architecture and extensive library support. With its robust features and flexibility, .NET stands out as a powerful choice for building modern, high-performance web applications.

What are the key benefits of using .NET for web development?

.NET provides numerous advantages, such as high-performance stemming from its robust architecture, support for multiple programming languages, seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies, and extensive library support. Additionally, .NET offers a rich ecosystem of tools and frameworks, including Visual Studio and ASP.NET, facilitating efficient development workflows. It particularly shines in creating scalable and secure web applications, handling complex business logic, and seamlessly integrating with cloud services.

What security considerations should be made when developing with .NET?

Security is paramount in all web application development, and .NET provides robust mechanisms to address it. .Net developers should prioritise input validation, implement secure authentication and authorisation mechanisms, and conduct regular security assessments, including dependency scanning. Leveraging security-related middleware and staying vigilant about updating dependencies are essential practices for maintaining a secure .NET application.

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