Software Development for Insurance and InsurTech

In the dynamic world of insurance, robust and reliable software solutions are essential to streamlining operations, enhancing customer experiences, and maintaining a competitive edge. Our bespoke InsuTech software solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of clients within the insurance industry, guaranteeing them the highest levels of efficiency, accuracy, and compliance.

Tax and Insurance Software Development Services

Our Insurance Industry Partners

At SPG, we partner with a wide range of clients in the insurance industry, including:


Insurance Companies

Traditional insurers leverage custom software to streamline operations, enhance user experiences, manage risk, and adapt to changing market dynamics.


Brokers and Agents

Custom software helps brokers and agents manage relationships, automate routine tasks, and provide tailored insurance solutions to their customers.


InsurTech Startups

Startups specialising in InsurTech can employ custom digital solutions to create and introduce innovative insurance products and services.

Key Challenges in Insurance

Our bespoke software solutions can help the insurance industry’s key players to overcome the following central challenges:


Regulatory Compliance

Custom solutions ensure adherence to industry standards and automate reporting, helping insurers to avoid penalties and maintain operational integrity.


Customer Experience

Tailored CRM platforms and customer interaction tools can be used to improve engagement with customers and provide more personalised services.


Claims Management

Efficient claims management systems can help insurance companies to reduce processing times, minimise human error, and enhance operational efficiency.


Risk Management

Advanced analytics and predictive modelling software can be used to help optimise pricing strategies and mitigate any potential losses.

SPG’s Offering to Insurance Companies

We develop various web-based solutions, including XaaS and middleware, as well as user-facing applications like mobile, desktop, and cross-platform products (including PWAs). Our developers leverage cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning to help you analyse and predict trends, enhancing your strategic decisions.


Integrations and Upgrades

We handle complex system integrations, as well as legacy system upgrades and migrations, ensuring smooth and efficient transitions.


Team Augmentation Services

Our outstaffing model provides you with a dedicated team managed by you, with flexible autonomy levels for you to choose from.

Our Company

As an established software development provider, SPG has supported numerous IT initiatives in the Insurance sector over the years. We have developed various projects for our clients, including advanced policy management systems, claims management solutions, and customer relationship management platforms, always prioritising Data Protection and Information Security with utmost care and diligence.

We recognise that software development services for Insurance companies play a critical role in their success. With the rapid advancement of technology, companies need innovative solutions to meet customer expectations and adapt to evolving demands. Our team of experienced software developers offers a range of reliable services tailored to the needs of Insurance companies. By leveraging our solutions, insurance companies can make data-driven decisions, take various factors into account, and re-calculate their risk assessment strategies in real-time.

In addition to providing custom software development, web and mobile app development, and cloud computing solutions, Software Planet Group works closely with our customers to understand their requirements, and offer tailored solutions to solve their problems. Our software is designed to streamline business operations, increase efficiency, and enhance the user experience for our customers’ employees and clients.

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Our Team

Our team comprises full-stack developers, QA engineers, DevOps specialists, and project managers. We tailor the team size and structure to meet the specific needs of your project, ensuring comprehensive coverage through all stages of the software development lifecycle.


Full-stack Developer

Some projects require a greater versatility of expertise. Our full-stack remote developers can take care of entire solutions — from UI, through backend, to the deepest Data Management levels


Mobile Developer

If you are looking to hire offshore developers, we offer both native (iOS and Android) and cross-platform mobile expertise, and cover frameworks including Xamarin, Sencha, Cordova, Angular, ReactNative, and others.


DevOps Specialist

From environment setup (integration servers, CI/CD pipeline, etc.) to performance optimisation, our offshore teams include infrastructure and DevOps specialists that can support you the whole way through.


Frontend Developer

From web-based interfaces to PWAs, these programmers are greatly experienced with the trendiest frameworks in the industry today. By dealing with cross-browser specifics and the availability of native features and performance, they can help you identify the tech stack that will enable you to achieve your company’s goals.


Backend Developer

Should you require a service with API or even more sophisticated middleware, our specialists are also happy to help. In our company portfolio, you will find cases of architecture revamping and design, enterprise service bus implementations and challenging tasks related to automated data consistency checks.


Project Manager

These developers work with all project planning and execution control, and are your principal point of contact and information source on overall progress.


Business Analyst

Responsible for initial scoping and translating business requirements into tasks for technically-minded software developers.


UI/UX Designer

Deal with lo-fi mockups, visualising workflows for future solutions and designing hi-fi prototypes according to brand book guidelines.

Our Process

We follow Agile methodologies to ensure a quick feedback loop, transparency, and iterative delivery. By splitting the project’s full scope into short Sprints, we devise a suitable release schedule, then deliver functionality incrementally, allowing for timely feedback and early issue identification.

Solution Types

We develop a wide range of solutions tailored to the insurance industry, including but not limited to:

Policy Management Systems

Claims Management Systems

Custom Billing and Payment Software

Custom Actuarial Software

Customer Interaction Platforms

Bespoke CRM Platforms

Risk Assessment and Analytics Tools

Regulatory Compliance Management Software

Risk Assessment Platforms

Predictive Analytics Tools

Our Technologies

We are vendor-agnostic and utilise the best-fit technologies for each specific project. Some of our proficiencies include:

We work with major cloud service providers such as MS Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Heroku.


Requests from our SME-type clients fall into one of the following categories:

A comprehensive platform designed to support farmers in hedging decisions and market risk analysis. The solution aggregates insurance selections, cash sales, and futures positions in one place, offering trading scenarios tailored to individual risk profiles. Additionally, our solution integrates with a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) to provide a self-serve trade execution platform for futures and options, and acts as an online crop insurance agency.

Developed from scratch, the platform was delivered to a production environment within 10 months. Frequent product increments based on customer feedback ensured continuous improvement and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Technology Stack: PostgreSQL, React, Redux, Node.js, Express, Python, Terraform, AWS Services.

Since 1997, a UK-based service provider has offered infrastructure solutions to various sectors. To support their ambitious transformation program, SPG was selected as a long-term development partner, enhancing their development capacity and working on a series of large Infrastructure-as-a-Service projects.

SPG’s partnership added the necessary development capacity and expertise, and helped to achieve the client’s transformation goals, ensuring robust, scalable, and efficient infrastructure solutions.

Technology Stack: Java, Spring Boot, REST API, Node.js, Angular, RabbitMQ, AWS Services.

SPG delivered a solution for holistic data usage in Business Intelligence and Analytics. The platform evolved into a comprehensive Data Warehouse, integrating data from various ERPs to facilitate extensive reporting and analytics. The tool’s migration from Oracle to Oracle Exadata enhanced its performance, processing several terabytes of data for daily to yearly reporting.

The tool supports the performance management department and compliance team with detailed reports, helping them to analyse every chain in the delivery process and meet industry regulations.

Technology Stack: Java, Spring, Oracle, Oracle Exadata

Clients from SMEs to Fortune 500 Companies

We cater to a wide range of clients, from small enterprises to large multinational corporations.

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