Web Development

SPG have been putting together powerful web-based solutions since the early 2000s. From web portals, enterprise search and data aggregation systems to APIs and SaaS development, BigData and reporting applications — we are able to take care of any pressing company demands that you might have along your digital transformation journey.

We are strong believers in the effectiveness of a full-stack approach to development. So while some of our developers may be more proficient in certain areas of your project than others, they are still all perfectly capable of handling every aspect of the software architecture. Above all, this means that unlike other companies, our teams are never paralysed by the absence of a single developer.

Areas of expertise

SaaS platforms

At Software Planet Group, we have proven hands-on experience creating SaaS solutions for major industry sectors such as Travel & Hospitality, Health, Real Estate, Telecom and Accountancy & Finance. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of customer-facing platforms, tightly coupled via API with a large number of external systems — not to mention internal enterprise-grade solutions.

Social Services

As both social platforms and services are inevitably becoming a part of people's business and leisure experience, it is critical to utilise their strengths whilst developing a web service or SaaS. From social profile data analysis to social login and truly complex behavioural predictions, Software Planet Group are able to enrich your systems with any features that you currently require.

Internet Marketing

It’s no secret that AdTech and Digital Marketing are completely taking over traditional advertising.  In fact, nowadays, both automation and BigData analysis have become essential for marketing agencies and departments. At SPG, we are able to assist your company by implementing real-time reporting, enriching data in creative ways and performing complex integrations.