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If you are looking to hire a web development team, look no further than Software Planet Group. As a well-established web development services provider, SPG have been delivering intuitive, secure and high-performing web solutions for over two decades. Our experienced full-stack developers aim to meet you along your digital transformation journey and build robust web applications that meet the requirements of your organisation or startup.

Types Of Web Development Services


New Product Development

SPG have helped a myriad of startup founders and business owners to bring ambitious projects to fruition. Whether you require a web application development company to build a minimum viable product or a fully-fledged web application, we build powerful web products from the ground up.


Extension of Existing  Features

For software solutions in need of a revamp or functionality enhancement, we offer tailor-made web development that can extend your product features in ways you never thought possible before. SPG can perform these upgrades without any disruption to your day-to-day business operations.


Legacy Product Modernisation

Many companies outgrow their software solutions and require comprehensive change in order to remain competitive. This is why we redesign and modernise outdated web applications to align them with more current technologies and breathe new life into your legacy products.


Migration of Web-Based Solutions

To take advantage of increased security or affordability, it is sometimes necessary to migrate your web app to a new cloud infrastructure or bring your web product back on premise. At SPG, we can help you to do this safely and give your software product a brand new home.



Web Solution Tech Stack Replacement

If you’re looking to replace your tech stack entirely, our expert full-stack developers are more than up to the task at hand. We have supported a number of SaaS businesses and seasoned startups in this endeavour.


Integration & Consolidation of Existing Web Apps

Larger organisations are well aware of all of the benefits of having a data-driven and interconnected software ecosystem. By creating an integration network that allows applications to communicate freely with one another, we can help your business and work processes to run efficiently and more effectively than ever.


We have heard about SPG, as they were wrapping their engagement with another project within our company, and we decided to augment our team with their talent and expertise.

Alex A

Global Tax Consultancy

Companies That Benefit From Web Development

Corporate Clients

Regardless of complexity or scale, our bespoke web development services can tackle a plethora of enterprise web projects. By choosing to work with Software Planet Group, you gain access to talented teams of vetted professionals, whose passion for quality and excellence can solve the bleakest of business conundrums. We understand the importance of long-term planning and reliability, and are committed to supporting your transformation programmes for many years to come.


Small and medium-sized businesses turn to web development for a number of different reasons, but by and large, this comes down to reaching customers and increasing their efficiency and capacity. This is only made possible with the help of a robust software ecosystem, which is why at Software Planet Group, it remains one of our utmost priorities. We offer web development services to a wide variety of industries, which provides us with a broader outlook to create innovative software solutions.


For many startups, it’s not enough to have a great idea under your belt. You need the know-how and expertise to pass the critical user acceptance test. This is why we build web products gradually and gather feedback from your future users. We deliver market-ready solutions, and ensure their proper support and handover.

Case Studies

SPG are proud of the work we do. To find out more about some our past projects, have a look at our featured case studies!

Technologies for Web Development


.NET Core
Ruby on Rails




We work with complex web-based solutions, regularly develop our own APIs, and can help you replace the technologies behind your outdated Application Programming Interfaces.


Data Layer

Depending on data type, our experience enables us to employ a number of databases for optimal performance. We are experts at real-time big data processing, and can design and develop web applications with Microsoft SQL Server and MongoDB.


Third-Party Software Integration

Our developers connect your web solutions to such essential components as SSO, Payment Gateways, ERPs, and many more. Check our SaaS development page for more details.

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Leading Technological Innovations for Your Web Solutions


Web-Based Application Architecture

We design and develop  reliable, scalable, and secure systems, which are:

Hosting for Web-Based Solutions

We can help you to set up your server in whichever way best benefits your company:

On Premises

Cloud-Based PaaS

Other Providers

Industries Relying on Web Development Today

Because SPG have wide-ranging experience across multiple industry verticals, you can rest in the knowledge that your web product will be tailored to your unique industry.

Why Us?

Software Planet Group have been serving customers in Europe and across the globe for over 20 years. As evidenced by our Agile values and one-of-a-kind partnership approach, above all, we are committed to our customers’ success. 

Web Security

We care deeply about all aspects of online security and employ our full-stack expertise to give your company true peace of mind.

Our Web-Based Solution Development Process

Our process incorporates the industry’s best practices and is time-tested. We use variations of Agile methodologies, which are adapted to your company size and project’s objectives. Learn more about how we deliver our web-based projects.

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