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If you’re looking for web application development services, you’re in safe hands with SPG. After all, to help you run your large business or corporation more effectively, our enterprise web app development specialists apply decades of experience in automating complex systems, and bring simplicity and familiarity to your company’s end users. We develop tailor-made, scalable and distributed enterprise-grade systems that enable you to collaborate with your team members and increase your company’s productivity.

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Our Services


End-to-End Development of Enterprise Web Apps

From design to final implementation, we handle every aspect of the web app development process. Our enterprise web applications enjoy tried-and-trusted development practices to create a robust infrastructure that supports thousands of concurrent users.


User Interface Design and Implementation

At Software Planet Group, we specialise in blending captivating user interfaces (UI) with a seamless user experience (UX). In addition to leveraging rapid prototyping to efficiently sketch functional mockups, we use the same dependable technologies employed by Amazon, Apple and Google to build the client side of your web applications.

MVP Development

The thinking behind the minimum viable product is simple: if your users like the core of it, they will want to see more of it. This is why we also offer a bespoke MVP development service. As a result, companies can be given meaningful feedback from users, understand their main wishes and needs, and create something they are willing to pay for. We provide business analysis, design, development and QA testing in just two weeks.


Backend Design and Implementation

Our software engineers are experts at designing and implementing the server side of web applications. We use reliable and efficient technologies such as Java and Node.js to build scalable, microservices-based architectures, and employ the right protocols and formats to define your backend API.

Integration With Third-Party Systems and Applications

As data and information integration specialists, SPG can also develop bespoke middleware and other integrations that enable your existing applications to communicate freely with third-party systems. These include ERP platforms, EAS systems, SaaS solutions, CRM applications and others. We follow all the required API rules, authorisation and data transformation practices for a successful and secure integration.

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How Enterprise Web Applications Add Value to Your Business

With today’s continual technological advancements, in order to remain competitive, it is important to employ agility and respond quickly to the industry’s demands. This is where enterprise web applications are able to take your company further, as when paired with the right tools and practices, they enable organisations to consistently meet their goals.


Enteprise Web Portals

Enterprise Web Portals lead to an increase in both revenue and efficiency, as they allow your customers and staff to find reliable information more quickly. In fact, without an adequate enterprise web portal in place, companies may face a daily drain on morale, resources, time and ultimately on customer satisfaction. At SPG, in addition to end-to-end enterprise web portal development, we offer strategy consulting and assessment, evolutionary database design and integration and compatibility with third-party web services.


Enterprise Data Warehouses  

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) systems are beneficial to organisations in a number of different ways. In addition to bringing meaning to seemingly random pieces of data, they can help save time and money by eliminating communication bottlenecks, improve your company’s ability to deliver insights faster and smarter, and may thus confer on your business a fortuitous competitive advantage. Software Planet Group can help your company to find value in the data haystack.

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) are software solutions that enable you to consolidate your business operations into a single unified system. Because modern ERP products require real-time data access and quick transaction processing, despite the overall trend towards decoupling essential components, it is often an acceptable option to maintain your on-premises solution. So whether developing an ERP from scratch or improving your existing software, Software Planet Group are happy to help.

Why Clients Choose SPG as Their Enterprise Web App Development Company


Iterative Development

With over 20 years of technical prowess and experience, we can build your enterprise web products in an iterative and incremental fashion to not only improve your profit margins, but allow your business to keep pace with technology.


Data Migration

We help companies to safely migrate, copy and restructure data from their existing outdated solutions to the new and improved enterprise web systems.


Bespoke Enterprise Web Apps

We build custom enterprise web solutions developed with your needs in mind. From analysing your initial requirements to designing and developing in two-week Sprints, we can rapidly respond to feedback and adapt to your evolving demands.


Extended Solutions

For companies with existing enterprise web products in place, we can also extend your application’s functionality with additional bespoke features and tools.

Need Enterprise Web App Experts Pronto?

Our Engagement Models


Time & Materials

Our T&M contracts mean your company will only pay for our expertise and the work that you wish to complete.


Agile Approach

We use the Scrum framework to develop in short interations and continuously deliver a potentially shippable product.


Outsourcing & Outstaffing

Extend your teams with our full-stack experts or leave development entirely to our specialists. You decide, we deliver.


Utmost Flexibility

We are the perfect fit for companies requiring maximum flexibility to modify the project scope and reprioritise requirements.

The SPG Approach to Development


Partnership With Project Stakeholders

SPG put customer success at the heart of everything we do. By working closely with your project’s stakeholders, we can assess your company’s situation, evaluate any proposed solutions and brainstorm other possible alternatives for development. 


Collaboration With Other Teams and Vendors

We are committed to working in tandem with your in-house teams and external providers to maximise your development opportunities and generate outstanding projects.


Streamlined Interactions

We understand the importance of maintaining a coherent interaction between your company’s various divisions. This is why we strive to work efficiently with multiple groups of users and work hard to meet your deadlines without sacrificing stability or quality.

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