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In multiple industry sectors, automation and optimisation are currently the dominating business priorities. This includes Finance and Insurance, as modern technology and innovation are bridging the gap between growing consumer demand and the established financial processes and methods. As a result, increasingly, investment, trading, banking services, risk management and insurance are moving steadily towards FinTech solutions. This has led to the rise of a new breed of financial startups which are challenging the status quo and taking on the traditional institutions.

Over the years, SPG have acted as technology enablers for our established business customers  and partners, and have supported growing companies and startups – through rapid prototyping, MVP development and building powerful market-ready solutions.

Our specialists have designed and implemented a number of products enabling automatic data exchange (with KYC and other leading accounting services like Xero), including blockchain solutions, smart contracts, digital wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Financial Software Development Services


In seeking to deliver exceptional software products, we believe that as the financial industry continues to undergo massive changes, it is vital to keep pace with the very best of today’s technologies. This is why we are committed to pairing powerful programming languages — such as Node.js, .NET, and Go — with an able-bodied technological arsenal:

We Build the Financial Programs You Need

Keeping true to our Agile commitments, we reject the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach and cater to individual business needs instead.This means that whatever your company requires, SPG have got you more than covered. From cutting-edge smart contracts, to digital wallets, to crypto exchanges and blockchain solutions, our experienced fintech developers have built a plethora of KYC-compliant products and services.


Asset Management

To help you stay on top of all potential outcomes — including future distressed payments and debt-to-equity conversion — Software Planet Group provides an efficient tracking mechanism for payment dates and rates.
Our intelligent asset management systems can convert rates from floating to fixed, defer or modify payment dates, determine your company’s credit worthiness and adjust projections wherever needed.


Fund Management

To aid you in the structuring and evaluation of funds, SPG develop fund management systems enabling pinpoint-accurate projections of operational and borrowing expenses. By providing customisable assumptions based on interest income, leverage cost and taxes, we are able to create multiple scenarios for new investments, investor distribution, reinvestments. Furthermore, income statements and anticipated balance sheets may also be generated with these systems.

Pipeline tracking

This feature is particularly useful when developing an accounting or asset management system, as it provides companies with a detailed summary of potential investments and enables an effective analysis of all the best deals on pricing and timing. At SPG, beyond organising the pipeline itself, our pipeline tracking products are able to record the approval and execution status, in addition to the source, feasible investment capital and targeted purchase price. This allows for easy execution of all cash flow models and enables the creation of return assumptions.


Data Warehousing

Last but not least, if you are looking to sync accounting solutions or retrieve any investment transactions, a data warehousing system could also prove a valuable option. Because we program dozens of calculations into our products, companies are equipped with fully customisable reports which not only can detail their investment’s performance but will also support categorisation. In simpler terms, this means that you can identify the total price of your fixed income in comparison to your equity investments.

Payment Gateways & Processors

SPG offers integration with major online payment processing systems.

  • payment_systems_Stripe
  • payment_systems_Google_Pay
  • payment_systems__Braintree
  • payment_systems_Visa
  • Payment_Apple Pay
  • payment_systems_PayPal

Looking For A FinTech Solution?

Financial Software Integration

Our software solutions can exchange data from multiple sources and interact with a variety of third-party services:

  • sage-01
  • Fresh Books-01
  • ZOHO-01
  • sap-01
  • quickbooks-01
  •  xero-01

Regtech – Regulatory Technology

As software products become increasingly interconnected, the way in which we interact with services is expected to shift dramatically. This not only will have a massive impact on the financial service industry but should also yield an effect on regulations. Consequently, as companies scramble to adapt to the changes, when it comes to regulatory compliance, there are growing calls for automation.

Thankfully, at Software Planet Group, beyond accounting software and financial services, we have worked on a myriad of tax reporting and compliance monitoring systems. These support the data formats of their target jurisdictions (FATCA, CDOT or CRS) and can crucially enable automated regulation.

SPG have worked on a number of fintech projects, including tax reporting and compliance checking tools which supported the data formats of their target jurisdictions (FATCA, CDOT or CRS) and automated regulatory operations.

Clients from SMEs to Fortune 500 Companies

When it comes to serving customers, there is never really a silver bullet. Our success is the direct result of working hard to find the right approach for every one of our specific partners.

How Do We work?

Our customer roadmap is as straightforward as it gets:

Get in touch

Arrange a phone call or video chat

Provide requirements

Estimate project

Start development

Take Advantage of Automated Trading & Investment

Why not take the emotion out of trading and give your customers a surefire way to maximise earnings? By combining technical analysis with specific parameters like orders to open, trailing stops and guaranteed stops — not to mention our extensive experience in risk and money management, pair trading, volume analysis, and concepts similar to TradingView for data visualisation — you can build the rules of trade directly into your fintech products so anyone can become a FTSE investor. We can even develop algorithms to help them follow predetermined strategies!

Usher in a new era of mobile banking

Whether you require investment portfolio management software, financial services software or have any other reason for extending your in-house capacity, our experienced team of mobile developers can put banking at the tip of your fingers.
We handle every aspect of your product’s development, from UI design and personalisation to personal data usage and EBICS payments. This means greater security for your customers and ultimately better investment decisions.

But don’t just take our word for it.

If you’re still looking for fintech software

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