Software Development for SMEs

What Types of Software Development Do SMEs Need?

Do SMEs need software development? Well, as digital transformation continues to deliver sweeping changes across all industry verticals, the need to automate your company’s business processes might quickly become too great to ignore. So with this in mind, when it comes to SME software development, we build powerful software solutions for established companies aiming for growth.

Whether you are managing a small business and require a new system for invoice creation, inventory management, real-time booking or email marketing, Software Planet Group can help you develop the best software for small businesses today.

Types of software for SMEs we cover

SPG support organisations with software development expertise​. We can bring your project to life – from idea to final product. No costly gaps, no misunderstandings along the way. We can deliver the following business apps for companies at all stages of small business growth:


Services & APIs


Cross-Platform Software

Bespoke vs Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Developing custom solutions in house is not always feasible for smaller organisations. Sadly, however, this means that many companies are often lured by the prices and immediacy of off-the-shelf applications — only to find that the so-called “solutions” do far more damage than good in the end. The key here is in achieving a proper and balanced understanding of one’s immediate needs on the one hand, and long-term goals and ambitions on the other.

Nonetheless, investing in constant improvement is a must. So in addition to helping you overcome your unique challenges with affordable app development for small businesses, we offer maintenance and support services so that any SME can compete with large organisations.

We build software for small and medium businesses that want to grow

What We Can Do for Your Business

With the help of our software development for SME companies, SPG aim to empower businesses to truly embrace digital transformation. Whether seeking to develop business automation software, optimise business processes or simply adapt to changing technologies, we can build innovative solutions that help you gain a competitive advantage by offering the following tangible benefits:

Lower costs

We build MVPs in as little as 2 weeks to enable you to test your concepts and respond rapidly to the market’s feedback.

No freelancers

Software Planet Group employ cohesive teams and can efficiently handle all HR management on our own.

No intermediaries

By working directly with our software developers, you avoid misunderstandings and can quickly make adjustments if needed.

Proactive development

We build your products in biweekly iterations and base delivery on your company’s priorities and your customer’s evolving needs.

Industry-Specific SME Expertise

While Software Planet Group are capable of developing software solutions across industry verticals for small and medium enterprises, we have contributed the most to the following sectors:


Finance & Accounting






Travel & Hospitality

Digital Marketing


Food & Catering


Logistics & Transportation

Technology Stack for Small and Medium Enterprises

Every software project is unique, and there are numerous ways to pair technology with your company’s individual requirements. But how to choose the very best match for your business? At SPG, we believe that by harbouring a culture of innovation and transparency, we can get to the root of your problems and make decisions that yield maximum results.

Java & Scala

Enterprise at scale

Ruby on Rails

Robust MVP development


Node & JavaScript

The #1 web technology

C++ & Go

Cross-platform development

.NET & C#

Web and desktop applications


Machine learning and web

The Best Software Development Service for SME Companies

When it comes to SME software development, Software Planet Group are second to none. We build powerful software solutions from the ground up and can turn your ideas into fully-fledged successful products.

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