Desktop Applications

These days, the personal computer may appear to be in steady decline, but with critical technologies now beginning to fall by the wayside, at Software Planet Group, we are firm believers in keeping our desktop tools sharper than ever.

Areas Of Expertise

Cross Platform Desktop Apps

From thin client applications to practical screen capturing tools, more and more, our customers want to run their programs on multiple platforms, whilst maintaining a unified codebase. Software Planet Group’s diverse expertise makes our company an excellent choice whenever you need to develop a cross-platform application or agent (for Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac operating systems).

Case Studies


Modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products require real-time data access and quick transaction processing. This is why despite the overall trend towards decoupling essential components, it is often an acceptable option to maintain your on-premises solutions. But which to choose – a desktop or a web-based ERP? Depending on your company's condition, we can help you make the right decision.

Case Studies

System Integrations

In the age of Digital Transformation, it is difficult to conceive of any isolated business applications. This is why it is essential to design software solutions that may be easily integrated into the broader automation landscape. By adhering to the industry's best standards, making use of secure data exchange protocols and unified authentication, we are able to power your business with reliable software solutions.

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