SPG has been working with international telecom companies, supporting their many initiatives. From global manufacturer of mobile hardware and equipment, to infrastructure provider for telephone banking – we put together a multitude of projects.

If you would like to hear more about our case studies relevant to this sector, please get in touch.Below you can see some of our public projects.


AngularJS Digital Marketing Express Facebook Marketing API Heroku Node.js Protractor Shopify API Web Application
Retargify Marketing Automation Featured Image

Investment Automation Platform

ActiveRecord Bootstrap Docker Docker Compose Fintech Heroku PostgreSQL React Ruby on Rails Social Network
Automated Investments Platform Featured image

Algorithmic Trading Platform

Docker Fintech Golang PostgreSQL SaaS Vue Vuex
IBB Trading Automation Featured Image

Application Monitoring Tool

ActiveRecord Backbone.js Docker GitLab CI Google Analytics InfluxDB JavaScript PostgreSQL Ruby on Rails SaaS
RoR Monitoring Application


Angular Geolocation Internet Marketing Java Mobile App Social Network
PicQuest Geo App Featured Image


Android Angular Barcode scanners Food & Catering iOS Mobile App MySQL POS Ruby on Rails SaaS
LunchMaster Web Service Case Study Cover