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Digital Healthcare is one of the most innovative sectors. New technologies, such as blockchain and smart contracts, allow revisiting traditional methods of operation, generating new demand for software solutions. Healthcare software development, including the advancement of IoT and wearable technologies, serves to improve health monitoring and open new ways for diagnostics.

From hospital operations to care homes and patients care – SPG’s healthcare software solutions can support your institution or a startup in a number of ways. Our work in this arena has made SPG a leading healthcare software development company.

We create HIPAA compliant healthcare software systems that can securely operate with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI).

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Services for Healthcare and MedTech

We offer a range of specialised healthcare software services to help businesses in the Healthcare and MedTech industries thrive. From software solutions to consultations, we can create whatever healthcare software is needed to help your business operate more efficiently and more profitably


Health & clinical software tools


Clinical trials & medical education apps


Apps for medical devices


Clinical interaction applications


Patient management apps


hospital administration apps

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If you would like to hear more about our case studies relevant to this sector, please get in touch. Below you can see some of our public projects.

Working with the very latest in NLP, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), machine learning and blockchain technology, we develop intuitive solutions for all your healthcare development needs. Our previous projects include software solutions from appointment and care plan management to telehealth & diagnostics services, and we’re experienced automating supply chains, general healthcare and procurement processes. In addition, our healthcare software solutions company offers frontend development of HIPAA-compliant, patient-facing solutions (for both hospitals and private practitioners), back-office systems for hospitals and clinics and middleware components with data gateways and information management system integration. The following integrations are also possible with the help of our full-stack teams:

Our Approach to Healthcare Software Development

Above all, we deliver robust and compliant web applications for medical companies including software development for healthcare companies and healthtech startups across the globe. Our experienced team of Agile developers can turn any initial application concept into a fully functional and commercially viable product. We also have a long-established partnership approach that ensures your company is given total freedom and flexibility to craft a product that adds value to your business.


HIPAA Compliance

With the help of our dedicated QA team, our medical applications meet the highest standards to ensure technical HIPAA compliance. We use a multitude of data protection techniques including encryption, automatic logoff and unique user authentication. These guarantee that your confidential patient data will never fall into the wrong sort of hands.


Information Security

Your data security is Software Planet Group’s highest priority. In addition to complying with both local and international regulations, we ensure that your medical records and data are never exposed to any known vulnerabilities or susceptible to likely cyberattacks. This is done through extensive software testing at all stages of the development process.

Technologies We Use for Healthcare Software Development

Our MedTech software development relies on a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative solutions. Some of the technologies we employ include machine learning, blockchain and more. We are constantly exploring new technologies and refining our approach to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and provide our clients with the most advanced and effective software solutions.

Benefits of working with our team

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with our team for your MedTech software development needs:

Case Studies

Automation in Healthcare: Medical Portal

Angular Healthcare Ruby on Rails
Medical Portal Featured Image

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