Web Development for Healthcare

As digital transformation continues to shape the future of the healthcare sector, Software Planet Group are keenly aware of the importance of web apps to the field of medicine. This is why we are firmly committed to building powerful HIPAA and PHI compliant web applications that aim to offer the very best of web development for healthcare today and help you better serve your medical staff and clients. 

Enabling Digital Transformation in Healthcare — Our Services

We understand the value of digital innovation, and know that to succeed in this particular arena, you need a feasible transformation strategy. Thankfully, however, the healthcare sector is in a prime position to engender some of the most inventive and groundbreaking products.

Web Development for Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Beyond pharmaceutical and smart care provision applications, Software Planet Group can help your company to build diagnosis and symptom checking systems, intelligent staff training solutions and appointment-scheduling interactive chatbots. When it comes to AI in healthcare, the possibilities are truly endless.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Web-based AR and VR are already making headway in the healthcare sector. Whether aiming to create accessible applications for medical education, immersive experiences to treat acute pain or PTSD, or even develop cutting-edge surgery guidance systems, Software Planet Group can help your company to build the products that your hospital requires.

The Blockchain in Healthcare

The technology behind cryptocurrencies poses a treasure trove of untapped potential. From smart contracts to decentralised safekeeping, our experts can build entirely transparent and incorruptible blockchain systems that enable patients, healthcare providers and insurers to share information both securely and reliably.


The IoT in Healthcare

With wearable devices now more popular than ever, at SPG, we can incorporate this innovation into existing digital health platforms to help patients maximise wellbeing and doctors and nurses to stay informed at all times. We can even leverage Big Data and healthcare analytics technologies to send alerts in the event of emergencies.

Our Experience in Web Development for Healthcare

For nearly two decades now, SPG have collaborated with medical schools, pharmaceutical companies and healthtech entrepreneurs to build the products that your customers deserve.

We specialise in medical web app development and can integrate your brand new web apps into any existing IT infrastructure. This includes laboratory information systems (LIS), Revenue Cycle Management software (RCM), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and EMR and EHR solutions. 

Our carefully selected team of healthcare app developers can design and build the following types of web solutions:


Health & clinical software tools

We build powerful medical web apps that can help patients with their physical conditions and assist pharmacists and clinicians with calculations and time-critical diagnoses.


Clinical interaction applications  

These web apps facilitate communication between healthcare professionals and patients, improve self-management of medical conditions and promote adherence to medication regimes.


Clinical trials & medical education apps

These web applications support doctors, students, patients and researchers in medical training and education, clinical pathways and clinical trials.

Web Development for Healthcare - SPG Expertise
Web Development for Healthcare - SPG Capabilities

Patient management & hospital administration apps

SPG can also integrate web applications with existing admin tools to not only support patient care and hospital management but enable access to confidential records.


Apps for medical devices  

We build web apps that serve as control interfaces to connect with IoT devices including biosensors, fitness trackers, smart thermometers and even automated insulin delivery (AID) systems.

Our Capabilities

Working closely with medical organisations, Software Planet Group devise creative strategies to engage with your patients and audiences through state-of-the-art mobile and web technologies. Our software solutions for healthcare businesses are at the leading edge of technological innovation.

Patient Engagement Software

We level up your patient engagement efforts by building tailor-made web applications intended to tackle the root cause of your problems. Unlike traditional patient portal software, these are specifically designed to enhance communication with patients, manage the patient-provider relationship and provide educational resources.

Patient Tracking Apps

Software Planet Group create cloud-based patient tracking systems that enable hospitals to keep a close watch on medical records and any and all relevant patient activity. This is done both privately and securely, and as a result of the apps’ platform-agnostic nature, they may be accessed from any device or location.

Telemedicine Apps

Interactions between doctors and patients are on the verge of incredible upheaval, as the pandemic exposed the need to sharply pivot to remote consultations. Thankfully, however, SPG join online video conferences, wearables and mobile devices to create telemedicine applications that help you make the most of virtual doctor appointments.

Medication Tracking Apps

Keeping track of a medication routine is not always the easiest of tasks. This is why we equip hospital staff with user-friendly medication tracking products that can remind them to stay on top of medical doses, mealtime schedules, dietary restrictions and any other relevant patient-specific requirements.

E-prescription Apps

We build intuitive e-prescription solutions that enable specialists to issue prescriptions from within the application. These web apps are further employed to remind patients of their medication schedules, provide feedback to doctors if needed and give repeat prescriptions as and when required.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Apps

Software Planet Group also provide clinics and hospitals with highly scalable, comprehensive appointment booking systems. These can help you minimise patient no-shows, respond to evolving situations faster, and fully eliminate any last-minute surprises.


Medical Mobile App Development

While the medical sector today is one of the slowest industries to evolve when it comes to mobile app adoption, the benefits for patients remain entirely indisputable. Our hybrid mHealth applications enable businesses to make the most of patient-facing mobile technology. We create native-like hybrid applications for diagnosis, treatment, recovery and daily monitoring of wellness and health.

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Additional Services

Strategic Consulting
Backend Implementation
UI/UX Design
mHealth App Development
MVP Development
Third-party Software Integrations
Quality Assurance
Wearable App Development

Supporting Technologies

Software Planet Group work across the entire stack and offer its clients diverse expertise, covering the technologies listed below and some more.


Ruby on Rails













Our Approach to Web Development for Healthcare

Above all, we deliver robust and compliant web applications for medical companies and healthtech startups across the globe. Our experienced team of Agile developers can turn any initial application concept into a fully functional and commercially viable product. We also have a long-established partnership approach that ensures your company is given total freedom and flexibility to craft a product that adds value to your business.


HIPAA Compliance

With the help of our dedicated QA team, our medical applications meet the highest standards to ensure technical HIPAA compliance. We use a multitude of data protection techniques including encryption, automatic logoff and unique user authentication. These guarantee that your confidential patient data will never fall into the wrong sort of hands.


Information Security

Your data security is Software Planet Group’s highest priority. In addition to complying with both local and international regulations, we ensure that your medical records and data are never exposed to any known vulnerabilities or susceptible to likely cyberattacks. This is done through extensive software testing at all stages of the development process.

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