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Offshore value combined with local management services to give you a partner-level experience

Why Choose SP Group?

Our company’s mission is to deliver effective software solutions essential to your business’ growth. We focus on customising applications to your specific business needs across a wide range of architectures, frameworks and domains, so that you can concentrate on new initiatives, customers, products and channels.


When it comes to exploring your business needs, we always advocate a partnership approach and then selectively apply our knowledge to make your projects success.


Experts in handling massive volumes of data from different sources, numerous types of databases, data structures, processing and reporting tools, we deliver information management applications on premise, in the cloud (SaaS) and across multiple platforms.


Following an Agile development process allows us to reduce the risk of complex projects falling through. All our projects are vigorously and continually tested and Quality Assurance engineers are an integral part of development.


Our solutions are designed to adapt to future requirements and integrate with your existing systems. This approach extends their lifespan and reduces the total cost of ownership in both legacy and new solutions.


The development process at SP Group is business-value driven. It retains focus on the most strategic tasks and eliminates the waste of time and money by focusing on the concept of the “Minimal Viable Product” (MVP).


By improving your business processes and analytics, SP Group allows you to increase productivity, revenues and margins.

What Our Clients Say

Customer-Focused Software Development

We have refined our knowledge of programming languages to the state of craftsmanship, but the real difference between SP Group and other companies is not technology driven, but rather our way of delivering software projects. We solve business problems in a proactive customer-focused manner.

Unlike other offshore software developers, SP Group adopts a business partner approach that focuses on tailoring applications to your business and seamlessly integrating with your organisation and processes. Our UK-based Business Analysts and Project Managers work with you from conception to delivery.

The range of technologies our company maintains is extensive: HTML5/JS/CSS, a variety of JavaScript frameworks for both front- and back-ends (Angular, node.js, Meteor), Java EE and frameworks, Ruby-on-Rails and Python. We use IaaS and PaaS solutions and virtualization (e.g. Amazon AWS, Docker) to build up the most effective and durable infrastructures.