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SPG is a leading software and web development company in Guildford, Surrey as well as surrounding regions. We’ve been providing bespoke web development services to satisfied clients for more than two decades, and we’ve developed a wealth of experience whilst doing so.

Guildford has a thriving tech industry, and we’re proud to be a part of it. Some of the largest international tech and consumer retail brands have headquarters in the region, making the area a hub for digital and creative enterprises.

Depending on your company’s specific needs, our team of experts can provide a range of different services, including web application development, cloud solutions, UX/UI design, QA services, as well as high-end iOS app development and android app development.

We provide cost effective solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes, in Guildford and beyond. Our clients include startups, large corporate entities, and everything in between. We tailor everything to their needs, whilst always ensuring that our output remains on the cutting edge of modern digital technologies.

Web Development, Guildford, Surrey

What We Offer: A Complete Full-Stack Package

As an end-to-end software service provider, our customers get the full range of services usually required in web development, but all from the same supplier.

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Our Local Services in South East

Bespoke software development

As a leading web development company, Software Planet have helped companies in Guildford develop a multitude of greenfield projects. Whether you require a minimum viable product or a fully-fledged web application, our web development experts can build powerful web products from the ground up.

Existing software modernisation

All software systems eventually require upgrades. As an established web development service provider, Software Planet Group is equipped to fully modernise outdated web applications, aligning them with more current technologies and giving legacy systems a new lease of life.

Provision of dedicated teams

Because our company is an expert in web development in Guildford, you can also hire a dedicated team of developers who report directly to your company’s project managers. Need more flexibility? Not a problem. In addition to our regular outsourcing services, SPG provide individual developers who can serve as extra talent to boost your business.

These software developers work exclusively on the projects they are assigned to, which streamlines their development efforts and ensures your project’s success.

DevOps services

We also provide DevOps specialists who can help you with:

  • Infrastructure costs and optimal products
  • Load balancing and scalability
  • Monitoring solutions for your infrastructure and cloud applications
  • Database architecture and administration
  • Automated infrastructure management (AIM)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
  • Containerisation

The Benefits of Software Development with SPG

We offer a wide range of services in the domains of web and software development, ensuring that we meet the varied needs of our clients and create the right tools to help them thrive online. There are plenty of great reasons for wanting to work with our software development Guildford experts, such as…

Lower Costs

We pride ourselves on efficiency, with a target of delivering our MVPs (minimum viable products) at a rate 4 times faster than the market average. Whilst maintaining a philosophy in line with the Agile movement, we are committed to exceptional quality. Through our efficiency, we provide high-end services at highly competitive rates. 


Before we get to work, we’ll do everything we can to understand exactly what you’re looking for. We don’t deal in redesigned stock features, but instead build a bespoke product tailored to your specific needs. Our flexibility is part of what helps us to deliver exactly what our clients need, when they need them.

Smart Development

Innovation is another central philosophy of ours. We employ CI and CD practices, enabling us to remain on the cutting edge. Our CI/CD approach facilitates continuous innovation and ensures that our products remain effective and competitive.

Individualised Approach

Your company is unique, and we respect that. To reflect this, our solutions, features and products are geared towards your personal requirements.
This way, you can be sure that your project will be optimised and entirely relevant.

Web Development in Guildford for Companies Small and Large

Web development is a crucial aspect for any company looking to establish an online presence. With our expertise, we can provide comprehensive web development services in Guildford tailored to your business needs, from designing and building a website to ensuring its functionality and performance.


Corporate Clients

SPG can tackle your enterprise web project. Over the years, we have worked with a number of multinational businesses — including Fortune 500 companies. Our specialists understand the importance of long-term planning and reliability, regardless of complexity or scale.



While SMBs turn to web developers in Surrey for a variety of different reasons, this is usually to attract consumers and increase their efficiency and capacity. At Software Planet Group, a strong and robust software ecosystem is a top priority for us.



It’s not enough to have a great idea. You need the know-how to back it up. This is why we build web solutions in iterations and gather feedback from your future end users. We deliver market-ready solutions for startups whilst ensuring proper support and handover.

Our Expertise

Our team of skilled developers at SPG specialises in creating customised web solutions that meet the specific requirements of businesses in diverse industries. We have extensive experience and expertise in developing high-performance, user-friendly websites that enable our clients to achieve their business objectives with ease.




Digital marketing






Food & Catering


Travel & Hospitality


Education and E-learning


Logistics & Transportation


Real estate & Facility Management


Finance, Tax and Insurance

Our Case Studies and Previous Work in Web Development

Your software projects are in safe hands with SPG. We offer bespoke systems for your needs that can rival those of any software development agency in Guildford or beyond. Take a look at our featured case studies!

Our Clients & Partners

As an experienced local software development company in Guildford, we know there are no shortcuts to customer satisfaction. You have to work hard to uncover the root cause of your customers’ problems, and harder still to solve the problems.

This principle has been a major contributing factor to our company’s overall success, and, over the last two decades or so, we have amassed a host of satisfied clients from Guildford and beyond, including everything from scrappy startups and Fortune 500 giants. The secret to our success is our bespoke, individualised approach.

Software Development in Guildford: How We Work?

As a competitive software development company Surrey customers will be glad to know that we want to make your journey with us as smooth as possible. For clients who are seeking web development services in Guildford, there’s a straightforward customer roadmap to follow:

Get in touch

Arrange a phone call or video chat

Provide us with your requirements

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Development begins

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