Web Development in London: How to Choose a Reliable Company in the UK?

If you are looking for bespoke software development services in London, Software Planet Group have got you covered. We are a leading software engineering company in the London areabased in Guildford – delivering secure and high-performing web applications for over two decades. Paired with offshore prices to boot, SPG are a London web development company with a difference.

Web Development in London

We Can Help You Bring Your Project to Life

Though there are many reasons to create your business web app with SPG, above all, because we are firmly rooted in the Agile movement, our company is dedicated to the success of our clients. This results in a number of tangible benefits for your business.

Lower Costs

We aim to deliver MVPs 4x faster than the market average


We build the features you need when you need them

Smart Development

We employ CI/CD practices to deliver continuous innovation

Individualised Approach

Every company is unique, and likewise are our tailored solutions

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What Does Our Web Development Company in London Offer?

When seeking that elusive “web development company near me,” it is helpful to focus on what each candidate has to offer. At SPG, we are aware that many businesses today are concerned about the cost of web development in London. Thankfully, whether your company requires a mobile, desktop or web application, we offer software development for startups, SMEs and enterprises at affordable prices.

Web Dev

From greenfield projects to tech stack replacements, Software Planet provide a one-stop shop that can greatly accelerate web application development in London:


SaaS & Cloud Product Development


PoCs & MVPs


Enterprise Web Applications

Mobile Dev

On the mobile front, we put powerful solutions in your pocket, whether they be standalone consumer-facing applications or a mere component of a larger corporate product:


iOS App Development


Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)


Android App Development


Hybrid Apps

Desktop Apps

For many companies, desktop app development will understandably remain a priority. This is why we also provide the following desktop development services for businesses:


Cross-Platform Apps


ERP Systems


System Integrations

Web Development in London for Every Company

SPG can tackle your enterprise web project. Over the years, we have worked with a number of multinational businesses — including Fortune 500 companies. Our specialists understand the importance of long-term planning and reliability, regardless of complexity or scale.

It’s not enough to have a great idea. You need the know-how to back it up. This is why we build web solutions in iterations and gather feedback from your future end users. We deliver market-ready solutions for startups whilst ensuring proper support and handover.

While small and medium-sized businesses turn to web developers in London for a variety of different reasons, this is usually to attract consumers and increase their efficiency and capacity. At Software Planet Group, we know that this is only possible with the help of a robust software ecosystem — which is why it remains one of our topmost priorities.

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Our Clients and Partners

As a local software development company in London, we know there are no shortcuts to customer satisfaction in the City. You have to work hard to uncover the root cause of your customers’ problems. This principle has been a major contributing factor to our company’s overall success, as over the last two decades or so, we have amassed a host of satisfied clients from London.

We have heard about SPG, as they were wrapping their engagement with another project within our company, and we decided to augment our team with their talent and expertise.

Alex A

Global Tax Consultancy

Our Case Studies and Previous Work in Web Development

Though development for a lot of companies across Greater London can often resemble a game of Who Can You Trust, your software projects are in safe hands with SPG. We offer bespoke systems for your needs that can rival those of any software development agency in London. Have a look at our featured case studies!

General FAQs

In an effort to reduce their overall risks, when seeking an appropriate software provider, many companies are understandably cautious and have an extensive screening process to begin with. While we have put together a comprehensive FAQ section on our website, gathered below are some of the most common questions our developers are asked:

What is web development in your own understanding?

In a nutshell, web development is the work involved in putting together a functioning website for a customer. This ranges from creating static pages of text to building complex web applications (here at SPG, our developers specialise in the latter). Web development projects include anything from ecommerce websites to social network services. Moreover, they can encompass web engineering, web design, web content creation, web server and network security setup.

Web development services: What types do you offer?
Software development company or freelancers: Which option is better and why?

Especially in London, companies are often seduced by the sheer amount of freelance developers that are readily available at affordable prices. Yet this decision also comes with risks that savvy businesses would do well to consider. Beyond a lack of proper support and maintenance, you might also have to contend with work quality issues and other uncertainties, as well as concerns regarding confidentiality. By contrast, while outsourcing companies like SPG are admittedly more expensive to partner with, they offer a complete solution to your project’s development, with a full team of experts, proven experience, and continuous, reliable results. 

Choosing web development in London: What are the main criteria to consider?

When weighing up local web development services in London, it is advisable to always ask yourself what exactly you are hoping to achieve. For example, most web development companies in London will more than likely only work with local (read: expensive) talent, so if your goal is not to mind your budget, then you can probably turn to other priorities. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to find a company like SPG employing offshore developers as a distinguishing factor, you should ensure they are effective communicators, use live meetings as often as needed and provide flexibility throughout the development process. These are Software Planet’s particular priorities, but every company should provide you with their own.

How Do We Work?

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