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Seeking web development for startups? If so, we know that low development costs and a short time to market are your main focal points at this early stage, so whether your web projects call for a brand new product, proof of concept or an MVP, we can make these our priorities as well. Even better, our software development services for startups enable companies to make the very most of the latest technologies.

Our Services for Startups


Technology Consulting

A great strategy is a must for the growth of any business, but it becomes particularly important when dealing with startup companies. Thankfully, when it comes to web-based software development — if you lack the expertise or experience — our tech consultants can quickly recommend the most reliable development technologies and help shine a light on the path ahead.


Proof of Concept

Having worked with startup companies across all industry verticals, we understand the importance of building fast-tracked PoCs to gather feedback from your critical stakeholders. So if you have an initial concept in mind, a ‘proof of concept’ with SPG may be the best way to scrutinise your vision. Our developers build prototypes you can quickly evaluate and add additional functionality if needed.


Product Development

SPG serve as a stable technological backbone and support startups far beyond the initial MVP. We also understand that many companies require a more pragmatic approach to development. This is why we often work in phases, defining the scope, deadlines and budget, before handing results over to your in-house teams. While this pauses active development, it may later be resumed at a future date.


Product Design and Discovery

When launching a new product, there are plenty of decisions to be made and frequent periods of prolonged uncertainty. So to help you make it to the other side unscathed, our business analysts can turn your concepts into the product’s main functionality, prioritise your features and requirements and provide you with invaluable insight. This is paired with a detailed roadmap and estimates.



The thinking behind the minimum viable product is simple: if your users like the core of it, they will want to see more of it. This is why our MVP development services enable startups to receive meaningful feedback from users, understand their main wishes and needs, and create something they are willing to pay for. We provide business analysis, design, development and QA testing in just two weeks.

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How We Support Your Business


Fail Fast, Learn Faster

Nothing great was ever achieved on the first try. This is why SPG aim to maximise your startup's learning opportunities by embracing a fully feedback-driven, experimental approach to development. As a result, instead of splashing out on an unproven (and potentially disastrous) concept, you can gain quick feedback from the market and only invest in a foolproof idea. 


Agile Development

We employ a selection of dependable methodologies — including the Scrum framework, Extreme Programming and Shape Up — to tailor our process and delivery schedule to what startup founders and investors truly need. Even better, however, because these are all based on Agile principles, your users will always be kept front and centre.


Outsourcing & Outstaffing

Extend existing in-house teams with the help of our full-stack experts or leave development entirely to our specialists. We offer both the outsourcing model (with no need to procure software, personnel or equipment) and outstaffing (with greater flexibility in both the amount and capacity of workers entering your organisation), so every company can find the best fit for their project. 


Utmost Flexibility

Software Planet Group are a perfect match for companies looking for maximum flexibility to modify the project scope and freely reprioritise requirements. Our iterative approach enables startups to periodically evaluate our results and make sure the project is moving in the right direction. You decide, and we deliver. 

Web Development for Startups The SPG Approach


Short Time to Market

When it comes to launching a new product, we know that timing becomes absolutely critical. This is why we work in short-term iterations, delivering business value with every Sprint. So don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any important deadlines or target release dates to be met. Our experts are always up for a challenge!


MVP in 2+ Weeks

Whether you are gathering feedback from your target users or seeking to win over an important investor, why not ask our developers about our minimum viable product services? SPG build cutting-edge MVPs in as little as just two weeks, so you can start your project with the confidence that it will succeed.


Wide Range of Supported Technologies

We work primarily with full-stack developers who are well acquainted with reliable technologies including Java, Python, .Net, Ruby on Rails and Node.js. Furthermore, on the frontend side of things, we also work with Angular, React/Redux, Vue/Vuex and other popular frameworks.


Tailored Partnership

Software Planet Group offer startup companies a unique combination of expert knowledge and close business partnership. This means that beyond our decades of experience in software development, we bring insight and know-how to the table and care deeply about your company’s success and vision.


Creative Solutions

Above all, we see ourselves as dedicated problem solvers and out-of-the-box thinkers. So expect creative solutions from our developers, QA testers and design team, as our specialists aim to solve your company’s challenges and guide your business to the performance levels you wish to achieve.

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