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At Software Planet Group, we offer cutting edge AI development services for companies looking to unlock the full potential of custom AI software. Although AI is a common topic of discussion these days, businesses who are still on the fence may be wondering, ‘what is artificial intelligence anyway?’ In simple terms, AI refers to the ability of machines to learn and perform tasks that would traditionally require human intelligence.

As an AI development company, SPG understands the complexity of this technology, and specialises in developing custom AI solutions to meet the needs of our many clients. With the help of SPG’s AI development services, you can automate processes, make more effective decisions, and gain invaluable insights into your business. Let us help you leverage the power of AI, and unleash your company’s full potential.

Our team of expert AI developers UK stay up to date with the latest advancements in the field, ensuring that our clients receive the most innovative and effective AI software development solutions. From chatbots to predictive analytics, SPG’s developers have the skills and experience necessary to create custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business harness the power of AI software development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Development

What Are the AI Services We Offer?

End-to-End Customised AI Solution

As an experienced AI software development company, we offer end-to-end customised AI solutions that aim to solve your company’s problems. We start by assessing your business goals, data requirements and existing tech stacks. Our team of AI experts then uses the latest technology and techniques to develop AI software solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

Team Augmentation

We help companies augment their existing teams by providing them with vetted AI experts. Our specialists work alongside your existing team to develop custom AI solutions.

SPG’s team augmentation services can help you save time and money by providing you with access to AI experts without the need to hire them as full-time employees.

Capability Enhancement

Our AI development services also include capability enhancement, where we help companies enhance their existing AI capabilities. We work alongside your business to identify any areas for improvement and provide a roadmap for achieving your goals. Our team can integrate AI into your current tech stack and help improve the accuracy and efficiency of existing AI models.

AI Consulting

Software Planet Group also provide AI consulting services to help businesses get started with AI. Our experts can help you understand the potential of AI for your business, identifying any areas where AI can be applied, and building a roadmap for implementing the technology. Our AI consulting services can help you make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls in AI.

How Does AI Work?

As an AI and machine learning development services company, we understand the importance of Artificial Intelligence to modern businesses. AI uses algorithms to analyse large datasets and learn from them, making predictions and decisions based on the data. This leads to all the benefits of AI that we have come to expect, including increased efficiency, accuracy and cost savings. AI algorithms can be used for a wide variety of applications, from fraud detection to customer service automation.

Where Artificial Intelligence Is Used

Artificial Intelligence has become increasingly prevalent across many industries, as businesses look for ways to automate processes, gain insights, and improve customer engagement. Here are just a few of the areas where custom AI model development can be used:

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Natural Language Processing

Automate customer service and support, perform sentiment analysis and improve search engine results.

AI-Optimised Hardware

AI application development services can improve the performance of AI models to reduce the energy consumption of hardware.

Text Analytics

A top AI developer company can automate analyses in market research, social media monitoring, customer feedback and more.


Improve security and access control in various settings, such as financial services, healthcare and government, using AI.

Speech Recognition

AI software development services can create voice assistants for customer service or any other application where voice-based input is required.

Natural Language Generation

AI can be used to automate customer service and support, perform sentiment analysis and improve search engine results.

Content Automation

A top AI development studio will use this tech to create and optimise content at scale, including SEO copywriting and other content types.

Computer Vision

Improve quality control and automate processes in manufacturing, healthcare and other industries.

Virtual Agents

Automate customer service and support, sales and other functions.

Recommendation Systems

Improve customer engagement and retention, in applications ranging from e-commerce to entertainment.

Image Recognition

AI can be used to automate processes and improve quality control in security, manufacturing, healthcare and other areas.

Emotion Recognition

AI can enable you to more effectively identify and respond to customers’ emotions in customer service, marketing and healthcare.

Decision Management and AI Analytics

Improve analyses and decision-making capabilities across many fields and industries.

Is it Time for Artificial Intelligence to Power Your Business?

AI Software Platforms

As an experienced AI services company, we know that software platforms are a key component of any AI development project. These platforms provide the tools and infrastructure to train and deploy AI models at scale. Some of the most popular platforms used by AI software development companies today include:

IBM Watson Studio

Google Cloud Vertex AI

Content DNA Platform


Azure Machine Learning

NVIDIA Deep Learning AI Software

Nia Infosys

Salesforce Einstein

Types Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be broadly classified into several categories based on its level of sophistication and ability to mimic human intelligence. Here are some of the most commonly recognised types of artificial intelligence:


Reactive Machines

Reactive machines are the most basic type of AI. They operate solely on the basis of current inputs, without any access to past data or memory, and are unable to learn from experience or adapt their behaviour.



Self-aware AI refers to a system that can not only understand human mental states, but also possesses self-awareness, a capacity to perceive its own existence and capabilities. Like Theory of Mind AI, this, for now, is entirely theoretical.


Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind refers to an AI system that can understand and predict the mental states of humans, including emotions, beliefs and intentions. This is currently unattainable with today’s technology.


Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

ANI, also known as weak AI, is the most common type of AI and is designed to perform a specific task, such as playing chess or recognising speech.


Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)

ASI is a theoretical type of AI that would surpass human intelligence in all domains and is considered the ultimate goal of AI research.


Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

AGI is another hypothetical type of AI that possesses human-like cognitive abilities and intelligence, including the capacity for reasoning, learning and problem-solving.


Limited Memory

Limited memory AI is capable of learning from historical data and using that knowledge to make informed decisions, but its learning is restricted to the available data.

Our Available AI Technologies

As an experienced artificial intelligence development company, Software Planet Group provides a wide range of AI-related technologies to help businesses gain a competitive advantage. Here are some of the key AI technologies we leverage:

Data Engineering

Data engineering is a critical aspect of any AI development project, and our team has extensive experience in data cleaning, data integration and data transformation to help you build effective AI models.

Chatbot Development

We   that handle customer queries, automate tasks and provide a personalised experience.

Conversational AI

Our conversational AI solutions use machine learning and natural language processing to create intelligent virtual assistants that can interact with customers through voice or text.

Predictive Analytics Solutions

SPG’s predictive analytics solutions allow businesses to make data-driven decisions by leveraging machine learning algorithms that analyse historical data, identify patterns and make accurate predictions every time.


SPG also offers MLOps services that enable you to deploy and manage machine learning models at scale, whilst ensuring they are reliable, secure and efficient.

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Natural Language Processing

We provide natural language processing solutions that allow companies to analyse, understand and generate natural language text. Our experts can develop virtual assistants and applications using sentiment analysis.

Computer Vision

Our computer vision solutions make use of deep learning algorithms and image recognition to allow businesses to analyse images and videos at scale, automate image processing and improve image recognition accuracy.

Case Studies

At SPG, we are proud of the work we do. From SMEs to large corporations looking for AI developers in the UK, we are the trusted partners of hundreds of businesses — both UK-wide and internationally — who put their confidence in our experienced programming specialists.If you are interested in some of our past projects, have a look at our featured case studies!

What Our Clients Say

When it comes to serving customers, there is never really a silver bullet. Our success is the direct result of working hard to find the right approach for every one of our specific partners.

Our Development Process

Software Planet Group’s process not only incorporates the industry’s best practices but is also thoroughly time-tested. We use popular variants of Agile methodologies, which are then adapted to your company size and unique objectives. Find out more about how we deliver our AI-based projects in London and beyond.

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Intelligence (AI) Development Services in London and the UK

As a leading AI development company in greater London providing services for the whole UK, we are at the forefront of the UK AI industry, delivering cutting-edge AI solutions that drive business growth and innovation. Our experts have years of experience developing AI products for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, retail and finance. We pride ourselves on being one of the top London AI companies, providing tailored solutions that meet the needs of each of our clients. If you’re looking for a UK AI company that can help your business leverage the power of AI, contact us today to learn more about how our AI development services can help you achieve your goals.

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