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Though outsourcing development services may not be on everyone’s radar, for companies with limited or no IT specialists in place, outsourcing development is certainly the logical solution, as it enables businesses to focus mainly on their core activities, while significantly expanding upon their talent pool.

Unlike other offshore providers, SPG aim to solve business problems in a proactive and customer-focused manner. We offer a unique partnership approach that can integrate seamlessly with your organisation and business processes.

What Initiatives Could Be Outsourced?

Based on the maturity level of every service provider, when deciding on a software development service, there are a number of areas which may be considered.

Digital Transformation

SPG’s outsourcing services support your company’s initiatives at the programming level and extend your delivery pipeline.

New Products
Our software engineers adhere to your business’ roadmap and make sure that your concepts are fast-tracked to the market (we reduce time to market by as much as 400%).
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Migration Projects
Unlike many custom software development companies, our extensive experience with legacy systems leads to flawless restoration of your most vital software.​
Prototyping & MVP
Whether you require a straightforward mobile application or an innovative technological solution, from ideation and design to proof of concept and MVPs, we serve as long-term delivery partners.

Are You Looking For An Outsourcing Partner?

What Are the Benefits Of Outsourcing Development?

If you’re still wondering if outsourcing software development services is the right move for your business, then you should probably take a look at the many benefits listed below!

Suitable For Any Project

Software outsourcing companies can deliver all sorts of projects: from prototypes, to MVPs (minimum viable products), to native apps and responsive websites. They can even help you to support your products long after you have released them into the wild!

Foster Clear Communication

Don’t be put off if your chosen software provider is based in another country, as thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you can arrange to hold face-to-face meetings as often as your project requires. Even better, to ensure the best possible experience for the customer, more established software outsourcing partners will likely have all kinds of specialists — project managers, support specialists, sales managers, business analysts, technical experts, you name it! With this convenient combination of leadership and technical expertise, you’ll get cutting-edge software solutions in no time!

Vetted Experts

Because any self-respecting software partner will also have carefully selected their specialists, you’ll gain access to industry-leading experts with impressive portfolios and a vast array of skills

Why Choose SPG’s Outsourcing Service

We know that outsourcing your software project is a major decision. This is why underpinning our commitment to high-quality, industry-standard software is a desire to support our customers in whichever manner their projects require. So with this in mind, throughout our outsourcing services, we ensure our customers’ protection in a number of significant ways:


Service Agreement
Clear terms and conditions


Indemnity Insurance
Your project is backed by insurers


Risk-Free Trial
Try-before-you-buy approach

Our Software Outsourcing Stages

SPG’s outsourcing software services are made up of four convenient phases:

Business Analytics
Project Management
Bespoke Development
Quality Assurance (QA)
Maintenance and Support

What Our Clients Say

Star Star Star Star Star

– I enjoyed working with SPG’s team of software developers, who delivered quality code on time. We worked on a cutting-edge 3D rendering app, and Software Planet Group helped us pioneer a new approach to the solution.

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Tomas Janusas
Co-Founder & COO at OppSites

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