Cloud Computing

More and more, cloud Computing plays a critical role in today’s enterprise software architecture, as in order to reduce expenses and achieve economies of scale, companies are turning to cloud strategies as part of their Digital Transformation initiatives. Depending on their current situation, needs, limitations and budget, they can then choose to make use of a private, public, or even a hybrid cloud-based solution.

Looking To Support Your Cloud Strategy?

Software Planet Group can help you to make wiser business decisions by:

  • Assessing current infrastructure
  • Preparing a transition plan
  • Decoupling legacy monolithic systems
  • Migrating all your newly-formed components to the cloud

Throughout development, our development, QA and DevOps specialists make invaluable contributions to your projects, as they serve as part-time team members, conduct regular performance audits and identify important areas for potential optimisation.

Service Models

SPG are capable of handling projects at all levels of the following service models:


The "Software as a Service" model, in which your business applications run on a cloud infrastructure.


The "Platform as a Service" model, where we work in the development environment (e.g. iPaaS and dPaaS).


And "Infrastructure as a Service," where we build clusters, configure load balancing, monitor and scale.


Deployment Models

SPG make use of deployment models which are unarguably the best fit for your business. We also assist you with calculating running costs to avoid any surprise bills in the later production stages. And should your project requirements change, our teams will be happy to help, as we conduct security and performance audits to develop an actionable plan.

Building Blocks

We have great experience in a variety of platforms and products:

Hypervisors and Virtual Machines

Microsoft Hyper-V
Oracle VM

OS-level Virtualisation

Amazon ECS
Docker Swarm
Amazon EKS
Container Linux

Leading Vendors

Amazon AWS
Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure
SAP Cloud
IBM Cloud
Oracle Cloud
TIBCO Software
webMethods Integration Cloud
Google Cloud Platform
Informatica ICS