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As digital transformation continues to deliver sweeping changes to virtually every industry today, companies offering non-traditional financial services are in a prime position to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities. Whether you are looking to develop a banking app, crypto exchange, insurtech solution, or even an innovative crowdfunding platform, SPG’s web development for fintech specialists provide the technical expertise you need to create cutting-edge fintech applications.

Bringing Innovation to the Financial Sector — Our Areas of Expertise

At Software Planet Group, we stand ready to help your startup or established business to take advantage of technologies for fintech. These include AI algorithms, blockchain solutions and the very best of modern web development. Our experts can support your business in infusing traditional banking processes with the proven power of automation, round-the-clock accessibility, and an exceptional omnichannel experience. Even better, we help you save hundreds of hours of work by delivering working products 4x faster than the market average.

Our software developers specialise in the following areas:

Upgrading legacy systems
Implementation of security and fraud detection tools
Process automation and system integration
Mobile and online banking solutions
Solutions for predicting and optimising cash flows
Decentralised platforms for cryptocurrency trading

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Our Digital Financial Future 

Building strong, future-ready solutions requires boldness of thought and the know-how to back it up. Thankfully, SPG have decades of experience developing innovative web solutions across all industry verticals. 

The fintech sector in particular is uniquely placed to deliver immediate value to the customer. This is especially important today, as challenger banks have been most successful when giving more control of the data back to the user. In fact, nearly a quarter of insurance, banking and trading companies are known to have tested or be testing decentralised finance (DeFi) services. 

By aiming for greater innovation and decentralisation, your customers are able to benefit from increased privacy, empowered self-service transactions and to track ongoing transactions with nothing but their mobile device.

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We Build for Fintech

Whether you are looking to build or improve software dealing with banking operations, digital investment, digital payments, digital lending or consumer finance, Software Planet Group are happy to help. Our web development for fintech specialists do our very best to address your requirements including quick and easy installation and integration with popular payment gateways.

Need microservices or predictive analytics? Our technical experts have got you covered. By partnering with your CTOs, programme managers and project managers, we can help you build transaction management and accounting apps, procurement management systems, supplier management solutions and software for sales teams and finance agents. SPG employ best-in-class fintech technologies to give your users the first-class treatment they deserve. 

In addition, by choosing SPG to build your company’s finance software, you have the ability to scale at will and work with short implementation timescales. We follow principles of Agile development to ensure all steps below are efficiently taken care of:

1. Requirement analysis
2. Delivery Roadmap
3. Iterative Development
4. MVP Development
5. UI/UX Design
6. QA & Product Support

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Upholding Industry Standards


We know that dealing with financial regulations can often be a major concern. Issues surrounding identity management, cybersecurity and KYC, KYB and AML procedures are at the forefront of fintech innovation. Nevertheless, by partnering with an experienced and reliable software provider, you can overcome these expected challenges and tick all boxes of regulatory compliance.

Beyond designing and building solutions for qualified electronic signatures, advanced video identification and biometric facial recognition, Software Planet Group can support your company in achieving the following objectives:

Implementation of security and fraud detection tools
PSD2 Integration
PCI DSS/PA DSS compliance
Compliance with international financial reporting standards
GDPR compliance


Of course, every fintech company will have to balance the want to provide attractive integrations for clients with the need to reliably safeguard sensitive data. This is why our web solutions are intentionally designed to protect both customer and business information. We deal with all security aspects of web-based applications including OTP systems, tokenisation and adaptive authentication and ensure your solutions can connect securely to the most popular third-party services.

Choose SPG today to take advantage of the following security standards:

Sophisticated data encryption
Information Security
Advanced user authentication mechanisms
Detailed activity logs (for audits and backtracing problems)
Role-based access control

Supporting Technologies

Software Planet Group work across the entire stack and offer its clients diverse expertise, covering the technologies listed below and some more.


Ruby on Rails













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