Software for Marketing: Our Experience


Software for Marketing: Our Experience

While we aren’t ones to blow our own trumpet, if there is one area of our expertise that often goes overlooked or understated, then that would be our seamless ability to devise and develop sophisticated marketing systems.

As such, we would like to take this moment to educate our readers on the many varieties of marketing software that SPG are able to provide you with — using specific examples from a few of our favourite endeavours.

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First off is Automizely. Designed, developed and delivered by Software Planet, the solution is able to integrate with a plethora of marketing platforms — including Infusionsoft and Ontraport — to enhance these systems with exciting new features.

Its exclusive webinar notifications, for instance, enable companies to discover which parts of their videos are being viewed by their customers and when, as well as to message early leavers with inquiries concerning why they’ve left. This, of course, proves exceedingly useful for e-commerce businesses in particular.

SEO Optimisation

Working in conjunction with leading content delivery networks like Cloudflare, we also implemented a system which is able to detect, visualise and fix typical SEO errors on the fly. Today, this robust service helps customers around the world, saving them hundreds of pounds with every passing calendar year.


You may be familiar with Pipedrive or HubSpot’s CRM, but did you know that our own developers are also fully qualified to build equally powerful customer relationship management systems? Just over the last few months, for instance, we developed Leadboard, an internal CRM already being used by our HR department with incredible results.

Campaign analysis

Our next hidden speciality is the analysis of marketing campaigns. We have ample experience building capable machine learning systems which not only attempt to get to the bottom of confoundingly low conversion rates, but can also detect any fraudulent activity that could be lurking behind less-than-favourable results. In such an event, you are able to regain control of the matter and take the necessary steps that will put your marketing efforts back on track.

Clickstreams & collaborative filtering

If you are unfamiliar with the terms above, a clickstream is an extensive record of a user’s online mouse activity providing analysts with a valuable trail of informative data, while collaborative filtering is a technique used by leading companies like Amazon and Netflix to uncover key similarities between users and power up recommendation engines. This is why, for instance, when viewing a product on, you are able to see the message: “What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?”

At SPG, we are happy to support our customers with both of these capabilities.

Video advertising

At the moment, we are also working with a dedicated video advertising platform called Webisaba. Essentially, this is similar to a social network, but unlike facebook, content creators are able to efficiently monetise their videos by including relevant ads at the click of a button, and thus cover their expenses — or even turn a profit!

Despite the high workload demanded by these systems, we provide companies with the robustness they require to manage their projects with carefree attention.


We likewise help our customers benefit from the ever-popular pay-per-click system, in which companies are able to freely place ads on the websites of their choice. As the name rightly implies, in this model, you only pay if the end user ends up performing a specific action, like clicking on your ad or registering on your web page.

Social media integration

And finally, whatever your needs may be, our software engineers are perfectly capable of integrating your solutions with a vast variety of social media platforms including facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. In fact, we even build entire systems that can manage your campaign on the network of your choice, and analyse statistics to refine your online strategy.

So get marketing!

Trumpet or no trumpet, we hope this issue has finally been put to rest. Just remember that if you happen to have a concept for a marketing solution or find yourself in need of some expert marketing advice, SPG will always be more than willing to help. 

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