Progressive Web App (PWA) Development

Designed to function seamlessly on any platform or web browser, we can build a PWA today to create a fully unified cross-platform experience, for both your company’s end users and clients. We are not limited by any specific progressive web application development framework or technology and can deliver an effective and slick solution which greatly benefits your organisation.


Bespoke PWA

Software Planet Group develop bespoke PWAs from scratch. After an initial assessment period to better understand your company’s requirements, we prioritise all features accordingly and build your software product to your specifications. By opting to support a single technology over multiple platforms, you can reduce unnecessary expenses and greatly accelerate your product’s development.


E-commerce PWA

Many e-commerce businesses today are discovering the benefits of the PWA, as they enable you to offer the best possible customer experience whilst taking advantage of web-based marketing channels in an easily accessible platform. At SPG, we have great experience working with a plethora of retail and e-commerce companies and unlocking the potential of the web.


PWA Migration

While many companies will certainly benefit from progressive web app standards in their front-end solutions, at some point, it may be worth replacing them with more traditional native applications. After all, because these are naturally platform specific, they can also leverage the maximum potential of the user’s mobile device.


UX Optimisation

A stellar user experience is essential to the success of any viable PWA. So to help you make the most of this technology, we can also audit your existing systems and advise you on any recommended changes.

Looking to Outsource Your Progressive Web App’s Development?

Our Engagement Models


Time & Materials

Our T&M contracts mean your company will only pay for our expertise and the work that you wish to complete.


Agile Approach

We use the Scrum framework to develop in short interations and continuously deliver a potentially shippable product.


Outsourcing & Outstaffing

Extend your teams with our full-stack experts or leave development entirely to our specialists. You decide, we deliver.


Utmost Flexibility

We are the perfect fit for companies requiring maximum flexibility to modify the project scope and reprioritise requirements.

A Best-Of-Both-Worlds Solution


Quasi-Native Mobile Apps

One of the greatest features of the PWA is its ability to be added as a home screen icon alongside your native applications. This blurs the line between mobile and web technologies. Software Planet Group’s UI/UX designers can create on-brand icons for your PWAs and ensure the best possible load times without sacrificing offline functionality.


Seamless User Experience

Our talented UI/UX designers can also help to optimise your PWA for continued user engagement. In fact, all of our PWAs include advanced search capabilities, smooth transitions, dynamic interfaces and data-rich functions, secure HTTPS programming for data transfers and functional full-screen modes.


Native-Like Push Notifications

With the help of service workers, we add native-like push notifications to your progressive web app’s functionality. This means that users are able to opt in or out of scheduled notifications that behave as they would in normal apps, without the need to keep a browser window open.


Social & SEO-Friendly

In order to optimise your PWA for social engagement and SEO, we ensure that it is adequately indexed and regularly crawled by major search engines. We also include canonical URLs and metadata for Facebook and Twitter Card. This paired with a cache-first networking browser creates a versatile mobile solution.

Need a Native Mobile App Instead?

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