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Lambda Functions and shared storage
June 18, 2024

The Case of the Disappearing Files in AWS Lambda

Ah, the joys of cloud computing! Our FinTech project, bustling with activity, had us working extensively with files on AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage. From PDFs containing insurance information to ancient fixed-length formats from…

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Frameworks Choose the Right Tools and Use Them Wisely
June 4, 2024

Frameworks: Choose the Right Tools and Use Them Wisely

When selecting a technology stack for a new project, we all look for frameworks and libraries that can speed up delivery and simplify our lives. Sometimes, in our eagerness to streamline things, we overlook the…

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Common Issues and Robust Solutions_Enhancing Security in Fintech Projects
May 21, 2024

Common Issues and Robust Solutions: Enhancing Security in Fintech Projects

Why Analyse Your Code?Security is paramount in RegTech and FinTech projects. Even when designed with security in mind, software solutions become vulnerable and less secure over time. For example, problems may arise in used libraries…

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One Step Away from Embarrassment
April 29, 2024

One Step Away from Embarrassment

The Integration GigThis is yet another story when incommunicado modus operandi leads to broken builds, shattered dreams, and embarrassment.A FinTech business had several teams working on its automated platform: a dedicated team provided by SPG,…

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What Affects a Project Schedule A Load Balancing Story
April 3, 2024

What Affects a Project Schedule: A Load Balancing Story

Part 1. This Is Not the Load Balancer You’re Looking For…When assessing the scope of a new project, we always do our best to estimate the required level of effort as accurately as we possibly…

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Connection Timeout: Communication is key
March 4, 2024

Communication Timeout: A Horror Story

We cannot stress enough the importance of communication on software development projects, especially when it comes to distributed or remote teams. This may seem like a cliché, but it has so many meanings (and implications!).…

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AWS costs optimisation Cover Image
October 11, 2022

How to Audit Your Cloud Infrastructure Expenses (Amazon Based)?

Many projects rely on cloud infrastructure. Over time, as the infrastructure grows, so do the accompanying bills. This can often lead to the need for AWS cost optimisation.Software Planet Group were recently approached by a client…

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May 31, 2022

VirtualBox on MacOS Catalina: But it works on my machine!

VirtualBox network is not working? "It Works on My Machine": the mystery behind an inaccessible VirtualBox VM on MacOS Catalina. In one of our recent migration projects, we came across one of those unfortunate incidents…

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Cover Image for Legacy Systems: Reviving an old Flash app
April 29, 2022

Legacy Systems: Reviving an Old Flash App

Working with Legacy SystemsHere at Software Planet Group, we often deal with all sorts of software projects. Some are brand new, while others are legacy systems. Recently, we received a request from a customer to…

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The Thomas Cook Collapse. Importance of Digital Transformation
March 2, 2020

The Thomas Cook Collapse: Importance of Digital Transformation

“I know that this outcome will be devastating to many people and will cause a lot of anxiety, stress and disruption,” Peter Fankhauser, the former chief executive officer of the now defunct Thomas Cook told Sky…

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