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Automated Investments Platform Featured image
September 30, 2021

Investment Automation Platform

Top 10 Questions About Outsourcing (+1 for Good Measure) Previous Next FinTech solution for investors  CapRaise is an investment automation platform for matching investors and venture capital firms with the most promising up-and-coming startups. It…

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IBB Trading Automation Featured Image
July 12, 2021

Algorithmic Trading Platform

Docker for Business Previous Next Open algorithmic trading and analytic platform (IBB) The platform was built with Volume Spread Analysis and Price Action theories in mind and supports forward testing and real trading. For the…

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RoR Monitoring Application
December 31, 2019

Application Monitoring Tool

Docker for Business Previous Next Scout is an RoR-based application monitoring tool. The solution continuously tracks sources of memory bloat, performance abnormalities, N+1 database queries and more. As one of the main competitors of New…

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