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Automated Investments Platform Featured image
September 30, 2021

Investment Automation Platform

Top 10 Questions About Outsourcing (+1 for Good Measure) Previous Next FinTech solution for investors  CapRaise is an investment automation platform for matching investors and venture capital firms with the most promising up-and-coming startups. It…

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PicQuest Geo App Featured Image
September 20, 2019


Docker for Business Previous Next Our customers were looking to build a hybrid mobile application combining a social media platform with a fully-fledged digital marketplace. This led to the development of Picquest, a location-based iOS…

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STRBRD management system Featured Image
September 20, 2019

Professional Network

Docker for Business Previous Next STRBRD (think “starboard”) is an Australian social network service for efficient yacht and boat crew management. The application enables both amateur and professional racers alike to manage their events and…

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