Top London Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss in February


Top London Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss in February

With so many top tech events in February in London, it’s worth clearing some space in your diary now!

In this article, we’ll round up our pick of the most unmissable tech-related conferences and exhibitions in London February spanning a wide range of industries. Before we delve deeper into what each of these events has to offer, here’s a quick overview…

Here are our TOP 7 tech events in February:

Top London Tech Events You Won't Want to Miss in February

Upcoming tech conferences 2024 London

February tech events UK 2024 London are numerous! For those who want a bit more detail, or are looking for the February tech events UK 2024 dates, let’s elaborate…

Smart Retail Tech Expo (27th – 28th February)

The Smart Retail Tech Expo is billed as “The UK’s leading show bringing digital innovation to the retail sector”, and this year it’s going to be featuring a range of keynote speeches from some of the brightest minds in retail, as well as hands-on demonstrations of how augmented reality and virtual reality are impacting the shopping sector. Count us in!

eCom Business Live (27th – 28th February)

Excel London is hosting eCom Business Live, an event which focuses on methods of driving up online sales for the ecommerce industry. This one should speak to all sorts of digital entrepreneurs and retailers, as well as to anyone who just wants to give their business a boost! Expect key talks by influential figures from companies such as Google, TikTok, Shopify and more.

eCommerce Packaging & Labelling Expo (27th – 28th February)

Presentation is key! It’s for this reason that the eCommerce Packaging and Labelling Expo was created. As the ecommerce industry grows, and as consumer demands evolve, so too must the packaging. Packaging is essential to protecting products in transit, improving the environmental efficiency of a business, and reinforcing a brand. Savvy businesses are careful not to overlook this crucial element.

Retail Supply Chain Logistics Expo (27th – 28th February)

The Retail Supply Chain Logistics Expo is all about refining delivery and returns systems, and devising a seamless distribution system, regardless of what products are being sold. This event exists to bring businesses together so that they can help each other cater to the ever-changing requirements of the consumer.

White Label World Expo (27th – 28th February)

White label products and services are central to many industries. The White Label World Expo brings business owners together, connecting them with the suppliers of numerous different private label and white label products. Expect some fascinating speakers, seminars and exhibits, as well as demonstrations and showcases of various products.

London PropTech Show (27th – 28th February)

At the confluence of technology and real estate is the London PropTech Show, an event which explores, demonstrates and celebrates the latest in fields such as smart buildings, co-working spaces, building materials and much more. Now in its second year, this conference is bound to be fascinating, with networking opportunities, showcases and speeches about the future of real estate and construction.

Event Production Show (28th – 29th February)

This year’s Event Production Show will be addressing the relationship between technology and live event planning, encompassing sports, entertainment, festivals, stadium events and more. Attendees can expect multiple stages hosting a range of speeches and discussions. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to meet other business owners, and to hear about what the future of the events industry holds.

See you there!

The bottom line is that in terms of tech events UK companies are spoilt for choice! London tech conferences are a great way to keep abreast of the latest innovations, no matter what line of work you’re in, and those we’ve highlighted above promise to be fascinating.

London Tech Week isn’t until June. However, the top tech events in February London free to attend options are plentiful. Plus, with such a variety, business owners will likely all be able to find something relevant to their particular field.

We highly recommend clearing a bit of space in your calendar towards the end of the month for these London tech events. SPG will be at both the ExCel London and the Olympia London to attend, and we hope to see you there!

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