Top London Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss in March


Top London Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss in March

2024 is bursting with top tech-related events, and if you’re seeking the top London tech events in March, you’re in the right place! There’s a great variety on offer this month, with ExCel London hosting a range of expos, talks, demonstrations and more. 

Here are our TOP tech events in March:

TOP 8 tech events in London in March 2024

London Tech Week may not be upon us just yet, but London tech conferences run all year round, and March is a month you won’t want to miss. Now that you’ve seen our overview of the top tech events in March in London, let’s take a closer look at exactly what each one can offer your business, as well as the actual March tech events UK 2024 dates.

Top London Tech Events You Won't Want to Miss March

Futurebuild 2024 (5th – 7th March)

In early March, there’s Futurebuild, which exists to “showcase game-changing ideas and the most innovative products and services” regarding the relationship between the built environment and the planetary environment.

Amongst the game-changing technologies and products to be displayed are those which aim to drive down carbon emissions in the construction industry, moving towards an ultimate goal of achieving net zero carbon.

Centred around principles of innovation, collaboration and sustainability, Futurebuild 2024 exists to introduce decision makers to the latest tech through seminars, conferences and demonstrations.

Tech Show 2024 (6th – 7th March)

The Tech Show 2024 incorporates multiple individual expos, combining three tech conferences 2024 London businesses can attend. These include Data Centre World, which will be exploring ways to refine data centres with an eye on sustainability, as well as the nature of data centre regulation, and practical ways to maximise efficiency, profitability, and security.

Also at the Tech Show is Big Data World, focused on optimising systems through the use of big data and AI, particularly in the areas of data strategy, decision making, personalising the user experience, and applying AI to analytics and robotics.

Cloud Security Expo will be gracing Excel London at the same time, and seeking to push forward security measures in the face of cyber threats. It will focus especially on the areas of cloud system security and keeping up to date with modern security risks.

Last but not least, DevOps Live will cover DevOps related topics such as the maximisation of the efficiency of delivery systems, how security relates to DevOps, and how the field of DevOps can be revolutionised for the modern tech era.

Oceanology International (12th – 14th March)

Oceanology International has been running for more than 50 years now, and is concerned with bringing together oceanologists from around the globe. Attendees can look forward to meeting more than 8,000 other visitors and upwards of 500 exhibitors, making it a massive event!

Subjects to be covered at this March’s Oceanology International expo include the relationship between technology and marine science, with particular emphasis on sustainability, education, and innovation. The ‘What’s On’ page also promises dockside demonstrations and talks from plenty of industry pros.

Business Innovation Expo & Corporate Wellbeing Expo (13th – 14th March)

The Business Revival Series Expo combines both the Business Innovation Expo and the Corporate Wellbeing Expo. Keynote speakers include individuals from The Ocado Group, Wellity, and Frank Bruno, the Former Heavyweight Champion, who is an advocate and promoter of positive mental health.

The Business Innovation Expo exists to boost innovation and creativity, with plenty of insight to offer into how you can elevate your business and improve operations.

The Corporate Wellbeing Expo recognises the stresses that the modern world can put on people, and seeks to promote a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.

Communication Technology Expo & Hybrid Working Expo (13th – 14th March)

Over March 13th and 14th, Excel is hosting both the Communication Technology Expo and the Hybrid Working Expo. As the former highlights, the global communications market is set to grow to $385 billion over the next six years, and attending this event is a great way to make sure you’re a part of it. Expect more than 150 exhibitors of communications technologies, and 50+ keynote speakers.

The Hybrid Working Expo will be demonstrating ways to streamline the hybrid working approach, which has redefined numerous industries over the past few years. This expo is all about providing tech-based ways to improve efficiency, refine team communications, and improve work-life balance for the better.

Recruitment Agency Expo (19th – 20th March)

No business can succeed without an effective workforce, and recruiters know this. The Recruitment Agency Expo aims to hone the recruitment process, connect businesses with recruiters, and explore the way AI models can help recruitment agencies and their selection process.

Aimed at recruitment agencies but also relevant to recruitment departments, this expo will help you to “engage with innovators, gather future-ready strategies, and bolster your business” through the use of modern technologies.

HRC 2024 (25th – 27th March)

As part of March’s Food, Drink & Hospitality Week, the Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Expo will showcase more than 10,000 products from 1,500 suppliers, which can be sampled and purchased.

There will be three whole days of product displays, supplemented by more than 100 demonstrations, competitions and talks. Those looking to harness modern technologies and leverage the latest products in order to prepare their hospitality business for the future won’t want to miss this one!

Everything Electric LONDON (28th – 30th March)

Sure to be one of the most popular exhibitions in London March is the Everything Electric LONDON expo, which covers a wide range of topics based around the development of electric vehicles. Those attending will see demonstrations of the newest electric vehicles, and they’ll even be able to test drive some of the EV industry’s latest and greatest creations.

There will also be a zero-carbon kitchen powered by an electric vehicle and turning out some tasty plant-based food! On top of this, expect plenty of opportunities for networking, browsing and educating, as well as an appearance from Robert Llewelyn, founder of the popular YouTube channel Fully Charged.

See you there!

As you can see, the March tech events UK 2024 London has on offer are interesting and varied, with plenty for businesses working across a wide range of different fields. Also, some top tech events in March London free tickets are available, so check out the sites linked above and get booked in.

Software Planet Group is a regular attendee at London tech events, and this month will be no exception. One of the best things about tech events UK is that it gives us a chance to meet others who work in the technology sector, and we look forward to meeting you there!

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