Top London Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss in June


Top London Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss in June

Summer is upon us and June promises to be an extra busy month in the tech world. Upcoming events include London Tech Week, MOVE 2024, and many more. 

Here’s our roundup of the top London tech events in June, most of which are being held at the ExCel London venue. 

Top London Tech Events You Won't Want to Miss in June

Here are our TOP tech events in June:

Before taking a closer look at each of our chosen tech events UK companies will have the option of attending, here’s an overview of our June tech events UK 2024 dates.

TOP 11 tech events in London in May 2024

Infosecurity Europe

The first of our June tech events UK 2024 London companies will want to attend is Infosecurity Europe, which is going to cover “Everyone and Everything You Need to Know in Information Security”. The exhibit will be concerned with how information security relates to artificial intelligence, how you can elevate your own security, and why you should take security so seriously.

As the Infosecurity Europe website rightly states, “our information security community must outsmart our adversaries by sharing knowledge, experiences, and adopting a strategic mindset”. A key part of this is coming together to share our experiences and ideas, so that the tech world can operate as safely as possible.

Digital Construction Week

Promising a range of fascinating talks and fun, hands-on demonstrations, Digital Construction Week is a must-visit event for anyone in the construction, building supply, or roofing industries.

Across ten stages, this event boasts a genuinely impressive range of keynote speakers. These include a selection of world-class professionals who are on the cutting edge of their respective professions, and who are eager to share their knowledge with attendees. With lots of high-profile sponsors, exhibitors and speakers, Digital Construction Week promises to be both interesting and informative.

GEO Business

GEO Business is billed promisingly as “the unmissable geospatial event of the year”. Visitors to this one can expect a schedule packed with high-profile speakers, previews and seminars, as well as lots of valuable networking opportunities.

As humanity’s impact on the planet grows and evolves, and as we look to minimise our footprints, geospatial data becomes more and more significant. Events such as GEO Business are a great way to bring together people in the geospatial information industry, so that we can combine our ideas and innovate together.

MOVE 2024

2024 MOVE is a mobility-themed event with lots of practical, physical demonstrations, product testing, and opportunities to learn. Modern companies are forward-thinking when it comes to inclusivity and accessibility, and attending “the world’s #1 tech mobility event” is a great way to meet these goals.

MOVE will be bringing together big players in the world of mobility-related technologies, including contributions from service providers, governments, local councils, transport operators and more. This event aims to “push boundaries and solve mobility’s most pressing issues”.

CIPD Festival of Work

With one of the broadest appeals of the tech conferences 2024 London has coming up, the CIPD Festival of Work is set to be an unmissable couple of days. All great employers know the importance of maintaining a contented workforce, and attending the CIPD Festival of Work is a great way to keep yourself informed on the latest information and innovations that help with this.

Some of the main topics covered in this event include workspace transformation, improving the employee experience, enhancing internal communications, managing workloads and prioritising tasks, and keeping your workers happy and healthy.

The Meetings Show

The Meetings Show is a sort of meta event: it’s an event about events! There are many industry leaders and progressive professionals in attendance. If you have an interest in events and exhibitions, or if you’re interested in bringing people together, then The Meetings Show is one that you won’t want to miss.

Centering around the themes ‘inform’, ‘inspire’, ‘innovate’ and ‘impact’, The Meetings Show has a huge amount to offer, and is set to feature exhibitors including representatives from industry-leading venues, organisers, management companies and tech suppliers.

Reset Connect

As “the UK’s leading sustainability & net-zero event”, Reset Connect is focused on ways in which businesses can reduce their environmental impact and take care of the planet. Aimed at innovators, investors and all manner of businesses, Reset Connect aims to bring together creators, advocates and fans of environmental technologies.

Set over two days at the ExCeL London, Reset Connect is in association with the London Climate Action Week. Bringing together like minded people with passion and the ability to make a difference, Reset Connect hopes to help its attendees “raise investment, generate leads, collaborate with your peers, manage funds, share learnings and action solutions”.

London Tech Week

Perhaps the biggest of the exhibitions in London June has to offer, and one of the biggest tech-related events in the annual calendar, London Tech Week spans a wide range of domains. Consequently, it’s set to be attended by some 45,000 attendees including 5,000 start-ups and 1,000 investors.

London Tech Week is all about bringing together “visionaries and entrepreneurs, investors and enterprise tech leaders” so that we can share our ideas and move forwards together. Whatever the scale of your business, and however it relates to the tech industry, there’s bound to be some relevant exhibits at London Tech Week.

Digital Marketing World Forum

The Digital Marketing World Forum is one of the few tech events not taking place at the ExCel; instead you’ll find this one at the Olympia in late June. The ‘marketing’ industry incorporates a broad range of companies, from affiliates to communications experts, from eCommerce retailers to SEO professionals.

This is an area of the tech industry that affects us all, and all are sure to find something to interest them at the Digital Marketing World Forum. Some of the most high-profile exhibitors include Wix, Mailchimp, Quantcast and many more.

Business Travel Show Europe

The Business Travel Show Europe is celebrating its 30th birthday in 2024, and it’s going to be a big celebration! This event is specifically aimed at suppliers, innovators and experts in the corporate transport arena. Certain to attract a number of big businesses both as exhibitors and attendees, the Business Travel Show Europe will present plenty of opportunities to meet people who can help take your business’s operations to the next level.

Visitors to the Business Travel Shop Europe will be treated to a number of high profile speeches, with professionals from companies including the BBC, Microsoft and Virgin all sharing their corporate travel knowledge, professional insights and expertise.

TravelTech Show

Another of the popular travel-themed London tech conferences – albeit one with more emphasis on consumer transport – is the TravelTech Show. This event has a broad scope, so don’t expect it to be limited to travel-related displays. For instance, Jason Bradbury, former Gadget Show host, will be giving a talk about emerging technologies and the impact of machine learning.

We can hardly wait!

So there you have it, our pick of the top tech events in June in London. This month is set to be an exciting one, with plenty of top tech events in June London free and paid entry can apply to.

Software Planet Group diligently attends London tech events because we love meeting other tech creatives, and we look forward to seeing you there!

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