UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 19


UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 19

Monday, March 14. The Latest News in Ukraine Today:

  • The Ukrainian resistance continues. While the country’s Armed Forces are successfully holding back the invasion on the ground, Russian fighter jets continue their airstrikes and criminal shelling of civilian targets.
  • Over the weekend, Russia fired around 30 cruise missiles at the Ukrainian military base in Yavoriv, killing 35 innocents in total and injuring at least 130 others. On Monday morning, a multi-storey residential building was also struck in the northern part of Kyiv.
  • Meanwhile, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has claimed that in order to “provide maximum protection of the civilian populace,” Russian forces in Ukraine had not ruled out establishing “full control over larger cities.” The press secretary’s thinly veiled threat will likely translate into more shelling and bombing in the country.
  • Putin appears to have officially greenlit looting. His Russian troops, who were previously certain of their Blitzkrieg’s success, were only provided with supplies for a 3-day war, and have been commanded to fend for themselves.
  • The main focus of local authorities is to evacuate Mariupol citizens and those of other heavily targeted areas.
  • Moscow is still seeking to destabilise Ukraine’s power grid. Earlier today, Energoatom, the Ukrainian state enterprise operating all four nuclear power plants in the country, reported that the Russian military were planning to “dispose of’ weapons near Zaporizhzhia by blowing them up outside the nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, in Chernobyl, though Ukrainian service engineers had briefly restored power to the occupied compound, the Russian military disrupted it again.
  • In a tweet, Elon Musk has challenged Putin to a “single combat” in a man-to-man fight for Ukraine. Unfortunately for him, however, his tweet only garnered the attention of Dmitry Rogozin, the head of Russian space agency Roscosmos, who promptly quoted a famous Pushkin poem and referred to Musk as a “weakling” and “youngling.” 
  • Here’s the Russian dictator’s checklist, in case you’re wondering what he really wants:
Putin's Checklist
  • And is this Putin’s evil villain origin story?

Why is Russia attacking Ukraine?

Putin claims that this "special operation" was needed to protect Ukraine’s Russian-speaking population. But what language do people speak in Ukraine anyway? In actuality, while Russian is spoken by approximately a third of the Ukrainian people, it is Ukrainian that firmly prevails with ⅔ of the country being native speakers. Furthermore, since these latest attacks, many Russian speakers have switched exclusively to Ukrainian.


Stay tuned for more of the latest Ukraine news!

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