Why Boycotting Russia Is Necessary


Why Boycotting Russia Is Necessary

Values VS Money

After the events of 2014 — the annexation of Crimea and invasion in Eastern Ukraine — many countries imposed sanctions on Russian business. Back then, in support of our colleagues and partners in Ukraine, the company’s management unanimously agreed to avoid working with businesses registered in Russia.

In response to the full-scale war started by Russia in 2022 this policy has been reviewed. From not supporting the Russian economy our company decided to move to boycotting. From now on we won’t be taking part in any projects with Russian ties (sponsors, stakeholders, management, team members or even target audience). 

We believe that unprecedented economic pressure on Russian economy is one of the key factors which can stop this war. The country should not have any means to run it, and the sooner this happens, the more innocent lives will be saved.

Not everyone supports our position. Below you can see an example of reaction which our account executives receive, when follow the company’s policy. We consider this unethical and unprofessional.

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