UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 6


UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 6

Tuesday, March 1.

  • Following this latest event, President Zelenskyi appealed to other nations to consider Russia a terrorist state. Previously, the President’s Office had reported that Russia launched 56 rocket strikes and fired 113 cruise missiles in the first five days since invading Ukraine on February the 24th.
  • Following in Putin’s footsteps, while Lukashenko first stated that his country of Belarus would not join the war against Ukraine, shortly after that, there were reports about a column of Belarussian units entering the Ukrainian region of Chernihiv.

  • Featured art in support of Ukraine:

Anti War Ukraine Illustration #StandWithUkraine
Anti-Putin Illustration #StandWithUkraine #StopPutin
  • The latest post from Ukraïner, How Kyiv withstands an attack by one of the world’s most powerful armies:

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