Our Annual Intermission


Our Annual Intermission

Just like every good knife must occasionally be sharpened, from time to time, developers too must also refresh their talents. This is why every year (at the end of May or beginning of June) our services are temporarily suspended to enable Software Planet to treat staff and employees to a week-long getaway of team building and bonding activities. During this time period, which actually coincides with our company’s anniversary, it is important to be aware that we will only be available for critical support requests — which of course isn’t to say that our customers don’t stand to gain! After all, first and foremost, this event is all about facilitating communication and strengthening corporate culture through dynamism and creativity. Our Annual Intermission 1
Our Annual Intermission 2 Our Annual Intermission 3 As you could probably tell from the pictures above, these are highly energetic, often international events. For the past three years, for instance, we have taken our developers to the country of Turkey, and our latest trip is reportedly an exciting retreat to Egypt! Naturally, however, as one may rightfully expect, putting together such large-scale events is invariably a matter of patience and deliberation, as it involves a great deal of variables and must always consider your needs. This is why we would ask all our customers to inform us ahead of time if they think any urgent work will be needed between May and June. Keep in mind, however, that these activities are usually planned up to four months in advance. Our Annual Intermission 4 Our Annual Intermission 5 Our Annual Intermission 6 To cut the mustard in the market today, it is important to make certain that your teams are functioning as one. This is where our yearly intermission period is truly in a league of its own, as it allows our employees to get to know one another better with an emphasis on our business values, shared interests and common goals. This paired with a refreshing experience outside of the work environment means your projects will also benefit from a burst of refocused energy. So with all of that being said, we will of course be notifying our customers as soon as we are in possession of the exact dates of our company’s retreat; and as we stated previously, throughout this temporary absence, our emergency support team will remain on site to help. If you have any queries at all about this year’s upcoming intermission, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to address your concerns!

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