IT Career Day 2017

Our Ukrainian development centre recently took part in a very successful IT Career Day. Even though many of the attending youngsters remained undecided on their future career paths, our trusted mentors were there to share their experiences and give helpful advice. The event gave students a chance to learn all about how to start a career, which direction to take and the common mistakes that should be avoided, and where to look for new software developer jobs.

Back in the presentation hall, speakers Igor Ostapenko and Alexander Kotov discussed practical ways to grow in one’s career. According to them, the evolving nature of technology means that even if we are equipped with the most recent of technological trends, within just a few years, these may become obsolete. For this reason, our approach to software development must also be flexible and adaptable to change. While building monolithic applications was the standard practice among developers for many years, today this has largely been replaced with microservices. Yet even with the ongoing trend, Kotov and Ostapenko warned, development should always be guided by the needs of a project.

The speakers went on to say that in reality, working with technology amounts to no more than 20 percent of a developer’s responsibilities. Surprisingly, this is not the most difficult part of the job either. Some of the greater challenges listed by our mentors include:

  • Choosing a tech stack
  • Working with customers
  • Coordinating teamwork
  • Adhering to requirement deadlines
  • Planning work
  • Developing a user interface

In order to prepare for the changing winds of software development, our speakers encouraged studen