Why We Work with Full-Stack Developers


Why We Work with Full-Stack Developers

The “one expert per technology” mindset is as culturally pervasive as it is clearly detrimental, yet its origin is actually understandable. After all, if you have a heart condition, you go see a cardiologist, if your child has a high fever, you’ll likely take him to the paediatrician. General practitioners, on the other hand, are not typically afforded the credit they deserve.

Much in the same way, when it comes to full-stack developers, a lingering myth exists that they are somehow less capable than other software engineers.

For this reason, today we would like to compare narrow expertise and full-stack capabilities and explain why we at Software Planet are significantly more partial to the latter.

On Specialists

Just as the name implies, specialist developers are particularly learned in a specific field, and as a result, tend to only work within the boundaries of their favoured disciplines. In the software world, this means that they are limited to either frontend or backend operations, which makes assigning team roles a matter of careful deliberation.

On the matter of pros, it really does come with the territory, as companies will be relying on a group of skilled professionals. Consequently, you can expect each part of the system to live up to your highest standards. The cons, however, are not as widely understood. For one, be prepared to potentially experience perceptibly higher costs, as hiring two specialists is more expensive than a full-stack developer. And logically, for another, you’ll certainly find yourself depending strongly on certain team members.

Full-Stack Expertise

Full-stack developers, on the other hand, are able to steadily contribute at every stage of the development process — beginning with the server side and its corresponding technologies and frameworks, and ending with the actual interface with which users interact on the daily. This, as it turns out, comes with a plethora of significant advantages.

For instance, when everyone in the team can work on any user story, we are never forced to halt development for something as blindsiding as a sudden absence. Instead, because each team member will have a thorough understanding of the system, they are equally capable o