UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 20


UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 20

Tuesday, March 15. The Latest News in Ukraine Today:

  • Putin’s advances across Ukraine remain stalled, as Russian troops were unable to make any progress at the start of the week, Ukraine’s General Staff of the Armed Forces reported at midday today. Instead, Moscow has had to focus on replenishing their own military forces, as well as solving other logistical problems, which were inflicted by the homeland resistance.
  • Meanwhile, Russia continues its relentless rocket attacks against civilian targets, as yet another apartment block in Kyiv has been attacked today. Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced a city-wide curfew until Thursday morning amid a “difficult and dangerous moment” for Kyiv.
  • Dramatic video footage of an armoured vehicle battle on the streets of Mariupol has been posted online. The video appears to have been taken directly from a Ukrainian Bucephalus and shows Ukrainian troops defending the city and blasting a helpless Russian tank to hell. See the video for yourself:
  • Once a beautiful city in south-east Ukraine, this is what has become of Mariupol after Putin’s current “demilitarisation” campaign. Russian forces continue to carry out criminal airstrikes in the city and are still blocking humanitarian corridors in the region.
  • And finally, according to Ukraine’s military intelligence service, in occupied territories, the Russian army is also plotting “mass deforestation” of Ukrainian forests. Should this be allowed to happen, it will be yet another act of ecocide by Moscow in a worrying, ever-growing list.

Why is Russia attacking Ukraine?

Putin claims that this "special operation" was needed to protect Ukraine’s Russian-speaking population. But what language do people speak in Ukraine anyway? In actuality, while Russian is spoken by approximately a third of the Ukrainian people, it is Ukrainian that firmly prevails with ⅔ of the country being native speakers. Furthermore, since these latest attacks, many Russian speakers have switched exclusively to Ukrainian.


Stay tuned for more of the latest Ukraine news!

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