UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 5


UT NEWS (Ukraine Today) — Day 5

Monday, February 28.

  • The president of Ukraine has invited military volunteers to join Ukrainian defence forces as a part of an “international legion”. According to Ukraine’s deputy defence minister, they have already received several thousands of requests from foreign applicants.
  • Russia continues its unprovoked assault against Ukraine with the support of operational-tactical army aircraft with high-precision long-range weapons.
  • Just yesterday, the Russians launched six missile attacks (up to 30 missiles in total) and four air strikes, mostly originating from the Republic of Belarus. Since the start of open aggression, Russia has used about 180 Iskander cruise and operational-tactical missiles.
  • The air and space forces of the RF Armed Forces are actively using Belarus’ airspace. The airfield network of the Republic of Belarus is being used for transportation of personnel and cargo, and there is also a high probability that Russia is using Belarus’ armed forces.
  • Full operational information (as of 11am on the 28th of February, 2022) from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine can be found here.
  • The Ukraïner project has released a selection of videos showing how Ukrainians are “greeting” Russian soldiers:
  • Ukravtodor (Ukraine’s national road service) is installing new road signs:
Ukraine Today Putin Road Signs War in Ukraine
  • There is hope for some defenders of Ukraine’s Zmiinyi (Snake) Island — those whose very specific navigational directions in Russian quickly became a meme. Russian media showed a video in which defenders presumed dead were recognised. They are currently being held captive. Another outrageous capture of a civilian ship (this time, the MPRS “Sapphire”) has been reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The ship was sent on a humanitarian mission to Zmiinyi island on the 26th of February and was subsequently captured by Russia.
  • Ukrainian and Russian delegations have met for negotiations upon Russia’s request.

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