Top London Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss in May


Top London Tech Events You Won’t Want to Miss in May

Our latest roundup has arrived and we’re looking at all of the top tech events in May in London. These London tech conferences are sure to prove unmissable for those in the tech industry as well as others, so make a note of their dates.

Offering plenty of opportunities to learn and network, London tech events are some of the best in the world, and they cover a wide gamut of different topics within the tech landscape. We’re anticipating a great deal of variety here, especially amongst those events hosted at the ExCel London venue.

SPG regularly attends events such as these exhibitions in London May, so we can say from first-hand experience that you won’t want to miss the following!

Here are our TOP tech events in May:

Top London Tech Events You Won't Want to Miss in May

TOP 10 tech events in London in May 2024

UK Construction Week 2024

Showcasing the latest and greatest in technological advancements relating to the construction industry, the UK Construction Week expo is guaranteed to be fascinating. The programme is filled with high-calibre attendees and exhibitors, a range of collaboration-themed talks and demonstrations, and even Grand Designs Live, presented by Kevin McCloud.

This one’s also taking place alongside expos relating to roofing and concrete, so there’s going to be loads to see and do. Whether you’re interested in the latest construction methods, construction-related robotics, or revolutionary building materials, UK Construction Week should be a fun and fascinating event.

Accountex London

Accountex London is one of those great events which appears to be quite niche, but is in fact relevant to a huge range of businesses across a variety of sectors. Accountex London will be attended by all sorts of businesses too, from quirky startups to industry giants. There will be no shortage of opportunities to get one-on-one advice, or to brush up on your accounting knowledge by attending a few seminars.

Although aimed primarily at bookkeepers, the scheduled events are versatile and varied, with exhibitors whose areas of expertise span accounting, auditing, charity work, cloud systems, analytics and market research. Whether you’re an accountant, or just looking to hone the financial side of your business, Accountex is one not to miss.

The Media Production & Technology Show

The Media Production & Technology Show boasts “over 100 hours of unparalleled case studies and insider revelations from the titans of TV and film”. Its programme spans eight theatres with more than 250 speakers, all sharing their insights into the latest innovations in media.

Subjects to be covered include how tech relates to the general film and TV production process, post production, audio, VR, cinema technologies and much more. Whether you’re in the entertainment industry or just intrigued by behind-the-scenes processes, consider marking the 15th and 16th May in your calendars.

DigiGov Expo

The DigiGov Expo is all about bringing together public service workers, and it promises to help you “get a whole year’s worth of networking done at a single event”! Specifically aimed at public sector workers, the DigiGov Expo aims to share technological solutions and innovations, applying them to a wide range of public sector divisions, and striving to enhance the experience of Britain’s citizens.

This expo is being hosted at the ExCel, and visitors will have access to the ‘Techconnect Lounge’, where innovators mingle, and the ‘Government Village’, where public sector workers can share ideas and take a huge number of meetings in a short period of time. DigiGov is sure to be a highlight of the year for public service providers!

London Blockchain Conference

The name of the game at the London Blockchain Conference is “uniting enterprise, AI and Web3”, but it’s also about uniting the people whose work is adjacent to these emerging technologies.

Exhibitions will be driven by the latest innovations in the blockchain arena, and there’ll be plenty of talks from some of the brightest minds in the industry. The blockchain has innumerable applications, and it’s likely to be a defining element of the future, so consider attending the London Blockchain Conference and rubbing shoulders with the visionaries who are going to make it happen.

Software Design & Development

The Barbican Centre in London will be hosting this year’s Software Design & Development Conference between 13th and 17th May. In addition to hearing from plenty of big-name speakers, attendees can expect to learn about functional coding, architecture, machine learning, AI, automation and more.

Despite being a five-day event, the schedule is practically bursting at the seams! Tuesday to Thursday is when the main conference will take place, with a series of optional workshops on Monday and Friday. Registering early can save you up to £100 on your ticket, so consider heading over to the SDD website and claiming yours now.

National Software Testing Conference

The National Software Testing Conference will feature case studies and talks from such companies as NatWest, Meta, Virgin Media, and GoDaddy. Quality assurance is a key part of software and product development, ensuring that what we produce is not just functional, but the very best it can be, which is why the National Software Testing Conference should be relevant to so many businesses.

Spanning the areas of software testing, quality engineering and quality assurance, the NSTC will be demonstrating and exploring some of the past year’s advancements. Of all the tech events UK businesses can attend, and especially for businesses in the software industry, the NSTC is vital to maintaining high quality output.

AI in Finance Summit London

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising just about every industry in the developed world, with a huge range of applications. The implications for AI in the finance industry are wide-reaching and multifaceted, and that’s what the AI in Finance Summit is all about.

Visitors can expect to see demonstrations of the latest AI-powered software as well as some real-world case studies, distinguished speakers, explorations of industry trends and loads of chances to network with your fellow software, AI and finance specialists.

Digital Transformation in Insurance Conference

One of the later May tech events UK 2024 dates is the Digital Transformation in Insurance Conference, hosted at the Park Plaza London Riverbank venue. The insurance industry is an ever-changing one, and change within it is often driven by technological advancements. This conference exists to showcase the best of these advancements.

Aimed at those who work in the areas of both commercial and general insurance, visitors can expect keynote speeches from leading figures at a range of innovative companies such as Revolut and Aviva. The agenda is a busy one, so clear some space on the 22nd and 23rd of May. Summit London

The Summit is broad, meaning that it has relevance to a huge range of industries and sectors. This event aims to bring together trailblazing innovators and those who seek to benefit from the latest technological advancements, facilitating progress and collaboration.

There will be dedicated spaces for startups, opportunities to meet spokespeople from the top partner companies (including Intel, Endeavor and the London Stock Exchange), and lots of chances to experience the technologies which will be driving change and defining tomorrow’s business landscape.

We’ll be there!

That’s our roundup of the top tech events in May London free and paid entry applies to. London Tech Week is fast approaching, but as you can see there’s plenty to do between now and then! May tech events UK 2024 London include some very appealing opportunities, showcases, demonstrations and keynote speeches.

Tech events UK are really all about meeting people and exchanging knowledge in a way that benefits everyone. For this reason, we at SPG will be attending these tech conferences 2024 London, and we hope to see you there!

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