What We Do

SPG delivers tried and tested software on time and priced so that you maximise your return on investment. Our deployments include: BigData solutions; Cross-platform applications; Internal ERP applications; Business processes automation; Workflow management

Iterative Development

We believe early feedback is important for a successful product. We use software methodologies that allow us to release software products rapidly and sometimes within one week of starting development. We split complex projects into a series of small projects with individual planning, implementation, testing and delivery phases. This helps us to get early feedback, foresee issues and keep the projects on track for clients at all times. We use Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to maintain release frequency.

Built-in Quality

To keep the quality of our projects at the highest level, we use approaches like Test Driven Development (TDD), Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) and Domain Driven Development (DDD). The whole development process is followed by automated integration and acceptance testing. We use cross-functional teams to extend the development capacity with support from QA and DevOps engineers.

Architectural Design

Software solutions should not be static; they should be ready for transformation, integration with a new data sources, or for delivery to new platforms. We at SP Group design architecture to be layered and modular. This allows the solutions to be flexible, extending the lifespan of the development and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Cost Effective-Pricing

SPG works on a Time and Materials (T&M) basis. By charging on this basis, we give our clients the flexibility to control the project and ultimately the cost. From the end users’ perspective, T&M charging avoids budget inflation, which inevitably happens with fixed pricing, as the developers have to cover all possible risks. By working towards a Minimal Viable Product solution, a client might decide that a more basic product fulfils the needs of the organisation and thereby reduces the cost of the project. From a development standpoint, this allows developers to act proactively and freely contribute new ideas and suggestions to the project as it evolves, raising points that may not have been considered in the initial scoping.

Software Development

Web and Data Driven

SP Group has experience in the delivery of various kinds of web-based systems – from high-loaded, scalable and secure SaaS solutions to on premise corporate software solutions (automation of sales workflows, document management, cost baseline and vendor-level cost planning systems etc.). We create web applications that have multi-layered service-oriented structures which allow your business to plug in new data channels or replace different layers without any impact on the rest of the system. SPG also specialise in evolutionary changes and transformation of existing legacy systems. Sometimes revolution costs too much.

Cross-platform and Mobile

We believe that technology should be fit for purpose, and as such, SPG offers different options on how to deliver your product to multiple platforms. SP Group teams have strong skills in the native development for iOS and Android platforms (Objective C, Swift, Java/Android), including third-party libraries (Cocos2d, Box2d, Unity3D). SPG uses frameworks like PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Sencha and Appcelerator Titanium to gain the optimal balance between development efforts and flexibility. We also offer various types of backend architectures which can form complex infrastructures, handle high volumes of data and provide live streaming.

Stand-alone Applications

While Web is the dominant platform, there is still a huge cluster of problems that cannot be solved by using web interfaces alone. SP Group is able to develop multi-platform stand-alone applications based on C++/QT, Java or .Net. SPG also has considerable experience integrating these stand-alone applications into front ends for web services or other types of backend solutions.

Quality Assurance

Software Testing

A fundamental part of SP Group’s development process is ongoing testing. To achieve this, our QA Engineers perform various types of testing across the whole lifecycle of the software development process (regression, acceptance, performance, security, stress, load and usability/UX testing). From a development standpoint, the process is supported by test-driven development (TDD) and continuous integration.

Quality Assurance

Wherever possible, our QA Engineers become an integral part of the delivery team. This allows SPG to validate the quality of the project from the very initial stages of development. This approach gives us a better understanding of the overall solution, its architecture and working environment, and provides better opportunities for our QA Engineers to automate their routine operations. It also minimises collaboration efforts between team members.

UI/UX Design

Visualisation of the results from the beginning provides better understanding to all participants, avoids mistakes and improves technical decisions. We believe that systems intended to interact with users should have UI design completed prior to the commencement of the development phase of the project.

Graphic Design

If it looks bad, it is bad – This perception is a natural human response. As such, many products with great ideas behind them suffer from poor and unprofessional design. At SP Group, we understand the importance and value of good-looking, clean user interfaces, effective workflows and usability. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest design trends and best practices, and use them in our work.

Prototyping & Wireframes

Interactive wireframes and “clickthrough prototypes” allow us to get a feel for the system, receive feedback, validate the effectiveness of interaction and test different interface ideas and usage scenarios. Upon implementation, the behaviour, main workflows and look-and-feel of the system are defined. As a result, there are no extra costs involved to re-design or re-implement features and processes.

User Interaction

Every software system is designed to ease someone’s “pain”. In other words, it must solve a particular problem for a user. The solution should accomplish that in an intuitive way, with the minimum amount of actions. It should also prevent errors and protect users from their consequences. Our interaction designers conduct analyses of users’ behaviour, based on particular use cases, and then pave the most optimal ways to interact with the system.

And Even More…

Product Development

We speak the same language as start-up founders and product developers because we have walked in your shoes. We have launched our own products; some have been successful and others have failed, but each has given us valuable insight and experience of the product development process. We know the needs, issues, pain points and the main challenges of start-up founders and product developers. That’s why we provide you with the special support that only a fellow entrepreneur partner can offer.

Self Education

SP Group pays great attention to the skill level of its specialists. That’s why we conduct regular training, organise TechTalks and Hackathons, take part in international programming contests, conferences and many other events.

Striving For Excellence

SP Group focus on customers’ needs and use their feedback to improve our processes and the quality of our services. We embrace Agile principles and Scrum in particular, but this is not a dogmatic approach. We realise that our development processes have to fit to the corporate culture and match the internal processes of our customers’ organisations. We listen and learn to become better.