Software Planet Group: Who We Are


Software Planet Group: Who We Are

Finding an ideal provider of desktop and web services can be an extremely daunting task, but we think you should know why big brands such as Nokia, Xerox and a host of Silicon Valley startups have decided to make us their official suppliers. Though we may be new to the United Kingdom, having set up shop in Surrey just under two years ago, Software Planet Group (SPG) have been invested in meeting our customers’ needs in Europe and across the globe for more than 15 years. We provide web services and cross-platform desktop solutions, from consultation and conceptual analysis to design and implementation.

Ever since the beginning of SPG, we have distinguished ourselves by working in partnership with our customers and constantly updating our technical skills. We are proud to have been one of the first businesses to join the Agile development movement back in 2004, and were also one of the first 10 European software companies to fully adopt Extreme Programming. In practice, this means we employ various techniques to break down big projects into simple, bite-sized tasks that greatly accelerate product development. At the same time, throughout the process, we are committed to the highest degree of testing and quality control available today.

On a technical level, SPG specialise in business consultation and assessment, strategic planning, system architecture and design, user interface design/UX, system administration, DevOps and quality control; but above all, we specialise in keeping you informed. Should you change your mind on a certain feature or UI design element, no problem. We have a very flexible team who are always willing to work in partnership with you.

In many ways, SPG did not start as a traditional business — Just an enthusiastic group of creatives, eager to meet people’s needs in whichever way proved the most effective. This philosophy still guides us today. 

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