Software Development for International Tax and Regulatory Compliance

In the ever-evolving world of tax compliance, businesses need robust, reliable software solutions to navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements. We tailor our bespoke software development services to meet the unique needs of the tax compliance industry, helping companies stay compliant and efficient.

Tax and Insurance Software Development Services

Technology Partner to the Tax Compliance Industry

We partner with a diverse range of clients in the tax compliance sector, including:


International tax and regulatory compliance companies


RegTech organisations


Tax compliance software providers


Startups in the tax technology space

We also extend our services to businesses across various industries requiring automation of their finance and compliance operations.

Our projects span multiple jurisdictions, addressing region-specific regulations and compliance needs.

Key Issues in the Tax Compliance Industry

The tax compliance industry faces several key challenges that bespoke software solutions can effectively address:


Regulatory Complexity

Constantly changing tax laws and regulations require adaptable software that can handle updates seamlessly.



Automating tax processes reduces manual work and increases efficiency.



Integrating with existing systems and ERPs provides a cohesive workflow.


Data Accuracy

Ensuring accurate data for reporting and compliance is critical to maintaining integrity and avoiding penalties.



Safeguarding sensitive financial data against breaches and cyber threats is paramount.

SPG’s Offering to Tax Compliance Companies

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the needs of the tax compliance industry:


Integration Services

Seamless integration with existing systems like NetSuite, SAP, and Microsoft Dynamics

Our Company

As an established software development provider, SPG have supported a number of IT initiatives in the Tax Consultancy and Insurance sectors over the years.

We have developed multiple projects for our clients, from middleware to tax reporting, to compliance management systems.

Software Planet Group understand that Data Protection and Information Security are the most important aspects of these projects and are committed to always addressing them with a great deal of care and zeal. 

We know that software development services for Tax & Insurance companies play a critical role in these businesses’ success. After all, with the rapid advancement of technology, companies need to find new ways to stay on top of their customers’ expectations and keep pace with their evolving demands. Our team of experienced software developers offers a range of reliable services that can cater to the needs of all Tax & Insurance companies. 

In addition to providing custom software development, web and mobile app development and cloud computing solutions, Software Planet Group work closely with our customers to not only understand their requirements, but offer tailored solutions that can solve their problems. Moreover, our software is designed to streamline business operations, increase efficiency and provide a better user experience for employees and clients.

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Our Team

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with deep expertise in software development and an in-depth understanding of the tax compliance landscape. We bring together analysts, developers, and compliance experts to deliver innovative and effective solutions.


Full-stack Developer

Some projects require a greater versatility of expertise. Our full-stack remote developers can take care of entire solutions — from UI, through backend, to the deepest Data Management levels


Mobile Developer

If you are looking to hire offshore developers, we offer both native (iOS and Android) and cross-platform mobile expertise, and cover frameworks including Xamarin, Sencha, Cordova, Angular, ReactNative, and others.


DevOps Specialist

From environment setup (integration servers, CI/CD pipeline, etc.) to performance optimisation, our offshore teams include infrastructure and DevOps specialists that can support you the whole way through.


Frontend Developer

From web-based interfaces to PWAs, these programmers are greatly experienced with the trendiest frameworks in the industry today. By dealing with cross-browser specifics and the availability of native features and performance, they can help you identify the tech stack that will enable you to achieve your company’s goals.


Backend Developer

Should you require a service with API or even more sophisticated middleware, our specialists are also happy to help. In our company portfolio, you will find cases of architecture revamping and design, enterprise service bus implementations and challenging tasks related to automated data consistency checks.


Project Manager

These developers work with all project planning and execution control, and are your principal point of contact and information source on overall progress.


Business Analyst

Responsible for initial scoping and translating business requirements into tasks for technically-minded software developers.


UI/UX Designer

Deal with lo-fi mockups, visualising workflows for future solutions and designing hi-fi prototypes according to brand book guidelines.

Our Process

At our core, we employ an adaptive Agile framework that ensures all project phases are responsive and client-focused. Each project begins with an in-depth Discovery & Analysis stage, where we dive into our clients’ unique challenges and requirements in the international tax and regulatory compliance sectors. This understanding informs our Design & Prototyping efforts, where innovative and tailored solutions begin to take shape. The subsequent Development stage involves applying cutting-edge technology to craft software that meets the intricate compliance needs.

Comprehensive Testing follows to guarantee functionality and adherence to strict regulatory standards before moving to Deployment, where solutions are integrated smoothly into existing client environments. We conclude with Support & Maintenance, providing ongoing enhancements and ensuring systems remain efficient and up-to-date in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Solution Types

We provide various types of solutions tailored to the needs of the tax compliance industry, including:

Value-Added Tax (VAT) compliance and electronic invoicing

Sales & Use tax solutions

Tax and regulatory reporting

Automated sales tax filings

Integration with back-office ERP and accounting software

Accurate tax rate calculations for complex scenarios

Tax and vendor invoice validation

Our Technologies

Our dedicated teams are composed of skilled professionals, including developers, QA engineers, DevOps, and Project Managers. We follow Agile methodologies to ensure transparency, quick feedback loops, and iterative delivery. Our technology stack is diverse and includes:



Amazon AWS


Microsoft Azure




Requests from our SME-type clients fall into one of the following categories:

A global leader in international tax and regulatory compliance selected Software Planet Group (SPG) to augment their development team. Faced with tight delivery deadlines for their comprehensive tax compliance platform, the client required additional expertise and capacity. SPG’s specialists contributed to various complex modules, including:

Tax calculation engines
Form and report generation
Integration with tax authorities
Automated tax payment processes

One of the most challenging aspects was the seamless integration with banking systems for tax payments. This collaboration not only helped the client meet their deadlines but also enhanced the functionality and reliability of their platform.

SPG partnered with a client to develop a microservice for managing invoice and document registration with tax authorities or their partners across various countries (such as ZATCA). The project involved creating a core abstraction and interface for data transmission while regional teams implemented specific communication protocols. The system had to accommodate diverse interfaces, such as SOAP and HTTP APIs, and comply with unique regulatory requirements, including:

Document chaining in Saudi Arabia
Sequential numbering in Argentina

SPG’s solution supported multiple countries, ensuring secure and compliant document processing across different regulatory environments.

A company acquired by a global tax compliance leader had an electronic invoicing and fiscal reporting product built on Adobe Flex, which required modernisation due to the discontinuation of Flash support. SPG developed the Invoice Monitor product as a micro frontend within the client’s global UI framework. This new solution provided:

Dynamic and configurable UI elements based on specific customer needs
Real-time adjustments without additional development efforts

Utilising React/Redux and Single-SPA, SPG ensured the product met evolving government standards and business requirements, significantly improving the user experience and functionality.

A U.S.-based company specialising in taxation services needed to update its algorithms for processing tax jurisdiction codes based on provided addresses. Their existing solution was too slow to meet high demand and future business growth plans. SPG was tasked with developing a new solution that would operate hundreds to thousands of times faster than the existing system. By leveraging advanced algorithms and optimised processing techniques, SPG delivered a highly efficient solution that significantly improved the speed and accuracy of tax jurisdiction code processing, enabling the client to serve their expanding customer base better.

Clients from SMEs to Fortune 500 Companies

By leveraging our deep software development expertise and understanding of the tax compliance industry’s unique challenges, we deliver solutions that drive efficiency, ensure compliance, and add value to our clients’ business operations.

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