RankSense: SEO That Actually Makes Sense


RankSense: SEO That Actually Makes Sense

Hard work though it may all seem, nowadays, few things can boost your company’s online profile as much as a decent search engine optimisation — or SEO — strategy. After all, ignoring this well-established set of rules could well be the key difference between successfully becoming an Amazon contender and settling for e-commerce nonentity status. Done right, however, SEO can be used to drive traffic to your website, increase sales and help you fulfil all your business goals and potential.

So why then are as many as 56 percent of companies today falling behind on their search engine optimisation efforts? While the answer to this question is certainly multifaceted, one issue in particular is that after failing to achieve any meaningful short-term results, company directors are simply giving up.

Thankfully, however, in this article, Software Planet would like to introduce you to RankSense, a revolutionary SEO solution that is about to redefine everything you know about online visibility.

A One-Of-A-Kind Tool

Until fairly recently, if your online traffic had taken a downward turn, you would be forced to resort to SEO experts and their time-consuming audits. RankSense, on the other hand, is able to deliver tangible results up to 4 times faster than was previously achievable. This is largely due to its use of the so-called Foundational SEO Method, which focuses on crawlability, tagging and indexation issues to ensure that the SEO process is entirely automated.

In addition, thanks to a recent Cloudflare update, the solution makes use of a proxy system that can update web pages on-the-fly without ever affecting your original website — a previously unheard of concept.

That Works like a Charm…

In fact, RankSense can apply SEO changes to literally tens of thousands of pages per day and uses natural language processing technology to “read” snippets from your websites’ content and automatically write appropriate meta descriptions that have been shown to outperform humans.

Moreover, the company provides users with fully customisable implementations, a free SEO monitoring app, the ability to automatically redirect visitors from broken links to live ones, and extensive metrics that can show you which optimisations are actually doing the trick.

…Is Affordable

All of this combined, unsurprisingly, saves companies valuable time and money. And speaking of which, the service is offered in four different varieties: “Peace of Mind,” which comes in at $35 (£27) per month and positions itself as an emergency toolkit to monitor your website and take care of critical problems, “Healthy Site,” which the company recommends for small businesses and comes at a cost of $350 (£270) per month, “Growing Site,” for larger companies and with a monthly price tag of $1,750 (£1,350), and “Established Site,” which works on an annual contract basis.

It is also worth pointing out that both the Healthy Site and Growing Site flavours are available with a 14-day free trial.

(And Despite the Bumps Along the Way)

Of course, things aren’t always just rainbows and roses. Only last week, our developers discovered a major Cloudflare flaw — a couple of significant code errors that not only affected RankSense, but Cloudflare users worldwide. The first bug blocked the ability of users to install and remove their applications, while the second one greatly affected the functionality of Cloudflare workers (whenever a user sent in a POST request, instead of returning the expected response from the server of origin, workers would simply send back a “Code error 1101: Worker code defect”).

As a result — much to Cloudflare’s advantage — we ended up having to bless them with some critical QA assistance. After our developers reached out to their support team and provided them with all the necessary data regarding both the flow and functionality we had used, not only did Cloudflare reproduce the defect themselves, but they were also able to confirm that it was present in the global error handler.

In the end, Cloudflare rolled back the release of over 180 of their servers, and the system was fully restored shortly thereafter. No harm done 🙂

Has Made Us Truly Proud

Above all, RankSense was a technical challenge on how to attend to billions of user requests with SEO replacement rules on the fly. We were able to do this successfully, building a reliable cloud service that is based on Google Cloud, works in parallel with Cloudflare, is orchestrated by Kubernetes and powered by Google BigQuery.

Consequently, to us at SPG, developing RankSense has been nothing short of a massive privilege. Not only does this project provide users with extraordinary benefits, but it also upholds one of our main business beliefs: that we should always strive to deliver a customer-centric user experience. For this reason and many more, we wholeheartedly recommend RankSense to any company in need of a serious SEO upgrade.

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