Learn from the Experts


Learn from the Experts

Sometimes, the greatest lessons we can learn come not from our own experience, but from the wisdom of others. This article presents some of the aptest quotes we have found to eloquently capture the spirit of developing at Software Planet Group. We hope they will serve to educate customers and inspire young developers as they work towards accomplishing their future career goals.

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1. “First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.” – John Johnson

As highlighted in a recent blog post, what use is it to write code if we haven’t yet solved the underlying problem? This may seem like a simple and logical assertion, but regrettably, it is certainly a non-standard position in the software industry today.

2. “When to use iterative development? Only on projects that you want to succeed.” – Martin Fowler

It is no secret that SPG are huge advocates of the Agile manifesto. By extension, this also includes iterative development, but not unmeritedly so. We have seen firsthand the results of gradual releases on customer success and believe anyone would be hard-pressed to find a more efficient form of development.

3. “Bad programmers worry about the code. Good programmers worry about data structures and their relationships.” – Linus Torvalds

While there is always a natural emphasis on code in the development community, data structures are at the heart of every system. For this reason, SPG employ Test Driven Development, as it allows us to hone in on the wider system architecture from the very beginning. This leads to more robust systems which are also easier to maintain.

4. “All code in any codebase should look like a single person typed it, no matter how many people contributed.” – Rick Waldron

It is only natural that some developers would occasionally rather use a different method of solving problems, but when team members are able to stick to a standard at least for the duration of a project, everything runs like clockwork. In practical terms, a good way to ensure a uniform codebase is to make use of coding style guidelines. This is what is done at SPG and we have found that it contributes towards a much smoother development process with far fewer headaches.

5. “Optimism is an occupational hazard of programming: feedback is the treatment.” – Kent Beck

As much as developers would love to think that they were always on the right track, the only people who are truly privy to this information are customers and end users. This is why constant feedback is so crucial if programmers hope to stand any chance of adequately meeting requirements.

6. “Focus is saying no to 1000 good ideas.” – Steve Jobs

The late master of innovation and design was certainly onto something here. In our quest to solve problems, we may come up with dozens of valid and even phenomenal ideas, but the real challenge is locating the best among them all.

7. “Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.” – Austin Freeman

As the old saying goes, “less is more,” and the same can be said for writing good code. Here, the practice of code refactoring, paired with a keen sense of code smell, proves extremely useful.

8. “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

The best solutions are not always the obvious choice. It may be tempting to opt for an overtly apparent route, but designing software with real business value demands creativity. Because we work primarily as partners, SPG are more than happy to lend the ingenuity of our teams to every project, throughout development. This creates a healthy exchange of ideas and suggestions that is sure to end in better results.

9. “Focus on why instead of what in your code will make you a better developer.” – Jordi Boggiano

This concept is very similar to the point which was made in the first quote. If developers are primarily concerned about their code, they are likely to lose focus and find themselves producing drivel. On the other hand, when programmers commit themselves to coding with purpose, everything they do is driven by the intended functionality.

10. “Hiring people to write code to sell is not the same as hiring people to design and build durable, usable, dependable software.” – Larry Constantine

Although many write code for a living, very few are passionate enough to consistently deliver reliable software. Seeking to recruit only the most exceptional developers, Software Planet Group believe companies should look much deeper than the level of talent. This may be challenging, but the ripple effect will lead to happier customers and powerful, quality solutions.

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