So What’s Big Data Really Worth?


So What’s Big Data Really Worth?

Over the years, the world has generated extraordinary amounts of information that can boggle even the most collected of minds. Twitter alone registered a record 500 million tweets per day in 2015, and now Amazon, the greatest provider of cloud services, is reportedly adding computing power on a daily basis that is equal to their entire capacity just a decade ago. While most companies are unlikely to produce anywhere near as much data, like sleeping dragons on piles of gold, they often go about their businesses completely unaware of the untapped potential of their files. By contrast, companies shrewd enough to tackle big data are already reaping enormous benefits.

Big data solutions enable corporations to unleash the power of their records by uncovering hidden patterns and correlations, revealing customer preferences and finding long forgotten valuable information. This is the same technology that allows Google to remind you of your trip to Majorca, and facebook to create ads tailored especially to you. The applications of big data solutions, however, extend far beyond the internet. Big data analytics is also used to predict the outcomes of elections and sporting events, warn health professionals of potential epidemic outbreaks and even improve the flow of traffic for entire communities.

Strategically analysing data is also known to be directly related to customer satisfaction. This was a key ingredient in the stratospheric rise of Apple and has also proved crucially beneficial to American automaker Tesla. Unlike any other car manufacturer in the world, Tesla wirelessly connects all their vehicles to the company’s engineering department for data analysis, allowing them to anticipate issues with their electric cars and correct them before any serious problems arise. As a result, the company’s customer loyalty ratings are extremely high — owners of Tesla Model S have given the car a score of 99 out of 100.

For customers aiming to follow in the footsteps of the greats, Software Planet Group have ample experience with big data management and analytics. We use state-of-the-art technologies such as Hadoop, MongoDb and Apache SOLR to provide companies with intelligent ways to store and index vast quantities of data across distributed systems, deliver real-time data reporting and analysis, and implement powerful enterprise search solutions. Our previous work with big data includes SPO, a travel package aggregator that can search through hundreds of millions of travel offers in real time; Tahometer, a work time tracker equipped with real-time data analysis; and HalfOffDepot, a coupon aggregator that efficiently handles hundreds of thousands of concurrent user requests.

Without big data analytics, many important business decisions amount to little more than ill-informed guesses. By tactically employing these technologies, however, companies are able to realise the true value of their data and chart their futures from a position of knowledge and strength. As devoted problem solvers, it is Software Planet Group’s highest priority to be meticulous in finding the solutions that uniquely befit your business needs.

One can never be too careful when awakening a dragon. 

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