Dedicated Development Team

Team Augmentation

Increase your productivity by augmenting your in-house team with remote specialists. Our engineers can act independently or as an integral part of your in-house operations. 

We are exceptional at knowledge sharing, collaboration, and coordinating with 3rd-party teams and providers.

Dedicated Teams

SPG provide customers with fully equipped, dedicated teams. They usually reports directly to a program / project manager, appointed by the customer.

The term “dedicated” means that the team members work exclusively on the projects they are assigned to. This streamlines their efforts to ensure effective product delivery and ultimate customer success.

Outstaffing Roles We Offer

SPG teams tend to be cross-functional and involve specialists in multiple roles – from DevOps to Quality Assurance.


Software Engineer


Business Analyst


QA Engineer


Project Manager


DevOps Engineer


UI/UX Designer

Do You Require Team Augmentation Service?

Is Outstaffing A Viable Option?

Sometimes outsourcing all your development entirely is not as effective as to keep your core team of specialists and build extended capacity around it. This might be too risky or simply unpractical to neglect your in-house know-how.

Many product companies or businesses with unique processes and expertise would rather benefit from keeping overall project management and mission critical elements under their direct control, while delegating development activities on a smaller level.

SPG is great at working in international distributed teams and will be happy to help you to build one.

How To Ensure Effective Remote Work?

The following activities help us reducing physical boundaries, shorten the distance between us and the rest of the bigger team and make everyone’s collaboration truly effective.


Video Daily Stand-up

We use video calls to bring all team members closer together. Communication becomes clearer when people can see each other and the whiteboard.


Status Reports

We send all relevant parties a daily report, showing our most recent progress, aligning priorities and highlighting any important topics which may impact overall delivery.

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Recorded Demos

Timely feedback save deadlines and lives. That's why we regularly present the results of our work. Such presentations are also recorded – in case you missed a demo or would like to show it to your colleagues.